ODD Racing

I have an idea of a club I would like to start.

The club I would have is ODD Racing.

The Offroad & Drag Dudes

The club would be about off-roading, exploring, with drag racing as well.

Right now, the club is just me, but I’m still looking for more members!

Painters, tuners, drag racers, rally racers, goof offs, anyone

It doesn’t matter who you are, because on the inside, we are all ODD. :slight_smile:

Hope you can all join!



What do you mean?


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With FH4 so close, I already have some ideas for designs.

Anyone interested in joining?

Everyone is welcome!

(Unless you were the one who came up with the idea of Timeless for FH3…)


Also, while you are all playing the Demo, take a break and go hop back on FH3 and do the final BigTime Muscle challenge!

BigTime Muscle is the group I’m currently in, and they are a great bunch of guys.

With FH4 coming up, they decided to do their last racing challenge.

So head on over there and take part!


Anyone interested?

Got many great ideas and fun things for the club to do.

The club wil be kinda roll playish. It will be fun.

Also, the color scheme has finally been decided! The two club colors are Blue and Silver.

But, if those aren’t your two favorite colors, there is something inside of my that has been buzzing… (Hint hint)


I mean, why only drag and off-road

The answer to your question:

A. I love those two things

B. If you thought of drifting as an option, that would work but:

  1. It wouldn’t for the acronym

  2. I suck at it.

C. The club is for anything. Just suggest an idea and I’m down.


For all of you wondering what was buzzing inside my head, go and check out the BigTime Muscle challenge for a new hint.

Look at my latest post.

Let’s just say it will cover a few more things… (Hint hint)


Awesome OK, best of luck to you and your new club. :slight_smile:

What, no love for Timeless FM…man that is my favorite station on H3! :slight_smile:

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I feel that the only part about that channel that I like is the 10 minute skill songs.

This is why I listen to my own station (my phone.)

I just love 80-2000s Rock. I need a little more get up and go in my music!

Sorry for the hate, thanks for checking out the post.


Next hint!

With FH4 very close, I have decided to watch some racing movies.

In ODD Racing, we can do some recreations of the movies scenes, which I think would be cool.

As in CARS, “Float like a Butterfly…”

That is your next hint. Finish the saying.

That will reveal the hints meaning.


Hints are revealed!

All the hints have been leading up to our rival team:

The Yellowjackets

The Yellowjackets are a bad group who believe in sabotaging cars in order to win a race.

They are dirty races, and will do anything to win.

Their leader, Gordon, I have dealt with before. He is not someone you want to mess with. Trust me.

In order to beat the Yellowjackets, we need to form a team. And beat them.

(All of this is roleplay, but I think I know someone who will create the Yellowjackets team for fun. This is also and excuse for me to make paints of yellow and black, which I like.)


I have been talking with some of my friends and clubs, and looks like we might have made a connection to do some events.

Still need the teammates though!

Drag racers, rally racers, off-roaders, explorers, painters, tuners, role players, anyone!


I think I might have two of my friends onboard to join the team!

Need more people though!

More people=more fun to be had in the game.

Anyone is welcome to join!


Stop bumping this lol

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If I want to promote my club, I can.


So there’s no one in the club but you at the moment?

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I have one of my friends onboard to join, and trying to get another one.

I have also talked with other clubs, such as A2B and BigTime Muscle.

But besides that, no.


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Sounds like that’s how it is.

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