Odd bucket list blueprint bug?

So, I was grinding the Outback highway with my HE GT-R (because broke Horizon boss) and tuned it to the max before setting everything up. Did a few runs and decided it was too squirrelly and promptly changed up the tune a bit and ran it again. Went waaaaaay slower and I thought I threw on to much toe-in. Looked at the PI and it dropped from 966 to 901. I’m guessing that tuned vehicles don’t save to the blueprint and if you do change up your car, you’re stuck with a stock one for the blueprint (but you keep your livery). If you’re competitive with you’re friends, this is quite an issue (but not a major one).

(edited I didn’t understand)

I don’t think you can adjust your tune while doing bucket list. You can create new /edit buckliat after adjusting tune.

But bucket list is where you are in same car/tune/build as anyone that plays bucket list.

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