Oct 10 update causing PC to re-download full game

Per most of the comments that I’ve seen regarding today’s update, it should be a couple hundred megs, but my update has decided that it is going to redownload 46.31 GB of game.

I’m not sitting on a fiber internet connection here, so this is a tad excessive, and more than a little painful. Anybody else encountering this issue?

A WindowsUpdate came out, did you install it yet? supposed to fix some store issues regarding downloads.

Yeah, sure did, but good call there.

So there was an update for PC yesterday? not only just for xbox? Link?

I found it but missed it yesterday browsing the forums.

Go into the Windows Store, hit the <…> button beside your profile image, Downloads and Updates. Click the big blue “Get updates” in the upper right corner of the window.

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Having this issue with other games.
There is something wrong with the updates on Windows 10 via the Store app for Games. Developer submits update for game, MS “certifies” the update, update is deployed for users to download, update causes ENTIRE game to re-download.

Windows 10 Play Anywhere games have been having issues with “updates” causing an ENTIRE RE-DOWNLOAD of the game. For those of us with data caps or mediocre speeds, a problem like this is simply unacceptable, indie devs don’t seem to have issues like this on Steam/GoG, only these “AAA” game companies seem to F this stuff up.
I’d bet that the core of this issue is the UWP format mandate that MS forces developers to adopt for the platform.

Gears of War had same issue, was supposedly fixed.
Forza Horizons 3 had same issue, was supposedly fixed.
Injustice 2 still has this problem.
Ark: Survival Evolved just started having this problem.
CLEARLY, it’s an issue with how MS is deploying games/updates for games.
This is Games for Windows Live all over again, good job MS and partners…

Well it didn’t solve my issue of no longer being able to play or download Forza 7 as part of Xbox play anywhere that they seem so keen to promote.