Observation on Tuning

I sometimes watch Isuckatdriving on YT.
I’ve noticed that his redlines is completely different from mine. Case in point the BAC Mono video.

Under every available upgrade I manage to get up in the 970-80s with upgrades and tunes in my BAC Mono

How is it possible to tune the BAC Mono up to 999 without doing some shady stuff?


I figured it out, he was shifting using the keyboard in manual mode changing the shift points in the game.

Just a general question, if you tune out the gears and drive in AT is it faster than a MT with the same tune?
Is MT just faster because you can change the shift points?

If you swap 3.0 V8 there is no problem to make it S998 or X999.

Isuckatdriving is using manual with clutch.
If you use AWD swapped vehicle or stock drivetrain with installed race parts for gearbox/clutch there shouldn’t be any difference in gear changing time. Despite that automatic is shifthing earlier, so possible a bit slower than manual. Biggest difference between A, M and M+C would be seen with stock cars.

This is false it is almost always faster/better to run manual with clutch or at the bare minimum manual. 2 reasons, control of gear shifts. @2nd, manual with clutch negates the clutch upgrade and allows you to use the pi points in other areas the car needs instead. Manual with clutch is faster in pretty much every car from the lowest class to a. Many of the S cars and above already have an upgraded clutch so its just as quick to run manual.

Remap the clutch button to a so you can just hit the up and downshift at the same time as the clutch and its pretty much the same as driving manual.

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Not true, if transmission is quick enough it can be slower to run MC since there’s an additional input. Drivetrain conversions will default to the fastest shifting speeds. Most AWD cars are converted from RWD, so they run the fastest transmission available and the fastest times are achieved with manual.

However, the difference is very low so feel free to use MC out of convenience.

The rule in this game, like actual racing is the less assists the better. So driving manual with clutch is faster AND allows for better cornering with less chance of spinning out.

I know it’s kind difficult to drive manual with a controller so when using one I play automatic transmission but when I’m using my seat with wheel pedals and shifter I go manual. Downshifting before a turn is more smooth when driving manual and lets you corner better and your exit will also be better because when using automatic there is always a small delay.

Well, you practically said the same thing.
I didn’t say that automatic will accelerate as good as manual. I did say that with race upgrades gear change time will be the same. Only gear change time. (ok, I didn’t make any testing on this, but I think I have enough experience to say that).

And M+C is faster of two reasons:

  1. if we have same spec cars e.g. stock Lancer and stock gearbox/clutch → M+C will faster, because of shorter gear change time at better RPMs
  2. if we have e.g. again Lancer, both set to A800. One with stock G/C and second with race G/C → M+C will benefit from saved PI, witch you can spend on power upgrade, so it will be faster not because of M+C, but from better power/weight ratio.

If you have race upgrades for gearbox/clutch you have to be very good to benefit from using M+C. For me it is better to use just manual if I use AWD swapped or with race upgrades vehicle.

Should clarify. What i was saying was false was only in reference the biggest difference being seen in stock cars.

Oh, OK

…and it escalated so quickly from my side :stuck_out_tongue:

Whatever works best for you!
I drive with AT no TCS or STM

But tune the gear ratios to my advantage.
Let the car do all the work

Obviously you are free to do whatever you you’d like but by doing that you are leaving a ton of time on the table for 2 reasons. In most cars upgrading the gearbox is too expensive of an upgrade and makes the car slower. The auto transmission is very poor and does not optimize shift points so you are likely spending a lot of time outside the power band.

This gave me a good laugh. “…and makes the car slower…” According to the ingame bars mybe and mybe if you dont have any idea of what you are doing. Any upgrade might be a waste if its misused in the right place. A sport- or race tranny is in most cases the key to tune a car into a real racer but yeah it might be a bit expensive on PI`s. Funny though, adding a (adjustable) sports-tranny actually reduces PI on some cars. (= a must!)

AT is for cruising, MT is for driving cars. AT`s migh do wery good IRL though when prepped up, too bad they cant be hotted up & adjusted in the game, would be quite easy to do.

Would like to demonstrate vis a vis race or drag.
Just a demonstration.

Only if: 1) you drive manual+clutch; and 2) you don’t tune your gears. Otherwise, you’re saving weight, reducing shift times, and getting the best performance out of each gear (and on each course if you dig down to that level).