o2R S-class lobby tunes

Hi everyone, how’s things?

Just wanted to advertise that I’ve put on my storefront some general s-class lobby tunes. None of them are serious leader board quality but all are capable of very competitive times on the tracks for which they were setup. I know Forza 4 is quiet and the TM is dead but I was hoping to get some feedback on these setups, that’s what I’m mainly interested in. I’m really intent on cracking this tuning malarkey and I just want people to drive my cars and see what’s up. Is there anything about the tune where you’re instantly thinking “oh, I’d make so and so change”. I’ve worked hard on the cars and I think they’re really good, but maybe I’m not seeing things that a better and more experienced tuner would see. A couple of provisos; 1. my tunes are all setup whilst using TCS so, without trying to sound rude, if they don’t work without TCS then I’m not concerned and I won’t be at all surprised; 2. I tune a certain car on 1 or 2 tracks to feel nice and drive fast on those specific tracks and that’s it, not to be a jack of all trades. The cars I’ve put on my storefront are below:

Dodge Charger: Has to be the coolest car I’ve got. This car was setup for Sebring so if you’re going to DL it, that’s where you need to run it. It’s capable on numerous other tracks, but Sebring is it’s bread and butter and where it shines. I hit a 2.04.508 at Sebring full whilst tuning it but it will go faster under hot lap conditions using the run up over the start/finish line etc. It takes some getting used to before you start to see the potential in the car but it’s just too cool not to put the effort in.

Nissan Skyline R32 and R33: Not seen as often as the R34 in s-class lobbies but just as fast, If not faster, on the right track. These both are tuned to run Laguna Seca and Nurburgring GP, and run they do! They both feel very natural on these 2 tracks and run very similar and very competitive times. I’m able to consistently hit mid-ish 26s at Laguna with both under race conditions. They both are fast at other circuits. The R33, for example, is very fast at Silverstone but driving it here it suddenly doesn’t feel so easy. I could probably make changes to make it feel easier, but then it probably wouldn’t be as good at Laguna anymore :confused:

Sesto Elemento and aventador: Going to say right from the off, the Sesto elemento is not easy to drive! It’s a no aero setup for Nordschleife! Let me tell you though, it is stupid quick at the ring, particularly on a standing start 1 lapper. it seems to me the sesto was written off as nothing more than an average car in s-class but I think people built it wrong and tried it on the wrong tracks. It’s an amazing car. The Aventador is much easier to drive and similarly quick at the ring. both will top 100, I’m certain.

02 Chevy Camaro: The problem most people have encountered with this car is the dead 5th gear. it can’t be solved without making the car slower. To circumvent this issue I tuned this car to run on tracks that hardly will use that 5th gear whereas most people, I think, see all the horsepower and think it’s a road America car. This car isn’t even different, it’s just plain fast. I find it to run the most impressive times on Laguna (walks 26s) and Nurb GP (may even run a 57), but runs any track that requires acceleration and some handling. Great car for online racing. Edit: I’ve just ran a 57.9 at nurb gp running a few laps in test and there’s still plenty time left to find. This car is exceptionally quick there and laguna

02 Trans AM. This car has been one of the biggest surprises for me. Has great acceleration up to the end of 4th gear and, although it doesn’t feel like it handles, I think it carries more speed through corners than you’d realise. Has a really weird grippy nature to it. I tuned it for Sebring but was caught totally by surprise by how well it did in a race at Road America and would now say Road America is definitely the best track for the car; it’ll surely scrape a 6. The brutal 3rd gear sits perfectly for some of those road America corners.

Not expecting many DLs or feedback at this stage but any would be appreciated.

o2R Dsquared 07

I’ll test some of them tomorrow!

Tomorrow? That’s not good enough! What is wrong with today? Lol. No, that’s great man. Let me know how you get on. If you think they’re awful don’t be scared to say so.

Maybe tonight… I’d like to drive the Lamborghini’s around the good old Nordschleife!


Tried the Sesto Elemento and think it’s a really good lobby car. I have to go slower into the corners as I’m used to but once you get used to this and the decelleration diff setting, the car is QUICK! :slight_smile:


thanks for trying it out, that’s great. It does take a little getting used to, and because it’s no Forza aero it can be difficult. The more you learn to drive it you can really see the lap times it’s capable of. Definitely requires competent heel and toe technique to keep it together. Thanks again

ive tried a few out, the cars have good response but for the matter of opinion and feedback (witch is what im sure you wanted) the cars lack holding the long bends. E.G. Silverstone, Praugue so forth and so on. Transferring the cars weight is not that easy in the middle of a corner. it seems like you have the springs okay, but the damping makes the car wobble through the corner. you wont notice this in 3rd person view, but you will on hood view.

First and foremost, how the h311 were you trying my tunes in Forza 5? Prague? Lol. I can see my tunes could definitely have the issue you described in sweeping corners because i only really tried them on tracks where you could say the corners are more simple. Also, i do use 3rd person. I’d say on all my tunes the damping will be somewhere round about 9.0. Do you have some suggestions how the car could feel better in sweeping corners? Are we talking stiffer or softer? Or maybe the balance between front and rear damping? Thanks a lot for trying them!

o2R Dsquared, do you use a wheel or controller? Will that make a difference on any of these tunes???

I use a controller. I’m really not sure if it’ll make a difference, except to say I’ve used wheel tunes before and liked them. I image it has to make some different, though. All you can do is try. All my tunes are free anyhow.

O wow, that crushed me, I thought all you o2R guys were using wheels lol.

In any case I will try your tunes once I get the hang of this CSR

I can’t find the storefront!

Even though most of your cars are tuned for a small amount of tracks, I really love your R32 and 33 tunes. For me, they’ve been pretty good on most Mid length handling tracks. For ex, I was able to pull a 2:06 on Suzuki full circuit with the r33 without much practice. Also, your Camaro tune is fantastic for Nordschleif lobby racing.

If you don’t mind, I wanted to issue a bit of a challenge. Do you think you could tune a McLaren MP4-12C for Sebring Full Circuit S class grip? I’ve tried so many times, and when ever I could get the handling right, it just didn’t have the get up I wanted. This is probably a very difficult car to make competitive in S class, but it just seems like it would have so much potential. Thanks in advance…

As it happens, i have already tuned the MP4-12C for Road America and Sebring. It was about six months ago, but I’m pretty certain i managed to hit a 2.05s at Sebring and a 2.07.9 at Road America. Not staggering times but competitive. Weirdly, i find Sebring to be the best track for the car. The thing is, it’s not a handling setup. It’s no aero, 6.1 handling, speed setup. Accelerates really well, and really doesn’t handle bad at all. Also, I’m sure there’s significant room for improvement in the setup. Sorry for the delay, i don’t regularly check the TM, but if you’re still interested let me know and I’ll work on the car.


I would also think the car would nee a fair amount of mid-range speed as well.

Cool, man.

Yea I’m still interested. Let me know when you upload it to the storefront.

If you want the car to be competitive around Sebring, you’ll have to add a significant amount of power, as that track depends heavily on acceleration and corner exit.

MXW215, the requested setup is now on my storefront. Hope it’s to your liking. i must say I’m pretty happy with it.

Yeah, it’s pretty good. I was able to run some decently competitive times on Sebring with it. It’s got really good speed and the steering feels good. Certainly much better than the 6.1 rating.

If you don’t mind, I wanted to request another car for Sebring. The Nissan 240SX. It’s almost ALWAYS tuned for drift, but I feel it could be a really good circuit car as well. I tried tuning it for most of the speed tracks not long after I started playing Forza, and the best I could get was 9’s on Sebring and 11’s on Road America.

I’ll see if I can get round to tuning the Nissan. In the meantime, search the gamer tag “callmewells” as I know he has a racing setup for this Nissan on his storefront.

I still can’t find the store front… do I have to add the shield after your name? Where is it?