Nvidia GeForce Experience in-game overlay freezes the game

I have a laptop with windows 11 and the Nvidia in-game overlay freezes FH5. Enabling instant replay or recording the game with alt f9 automatically freezes the game, the only way to “unfreeze” is alt tabbing, pressing windows key or switching to another tab, and when I come back to the game, it freezes again, making it unplayable. Disabling the overlay fixes this issue and I can play normally, but I can’t record the game which is annoying, and I also have another overlays enabled like afterburner&RTSS and Xbox game bar that work without any problem. This only happens with Forza 4&5, and in windows 10 this issue didn’t happen. Any fix? I have tried reinstalling experience, updating windows 11 (almost 3 times a week) and updating Nvidia drivers, but nothing fixed the problem, and I’ve had this issue for almost 5 months.

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Read the PLEASE READ thread pinned above. If your issue is not in the Known Issues List, follow the instructions to submit a ticket so the team can log and investigate.