NVidia drivers performance (1080 Ti card)

I have been running Forza Horizon 4 on my PC in 4K mode have have noticed a noticeable frame decrease of the last few Nvidia driver release on my 1080 Ti card.

I downloaded the 457.51 driver from the Nvidia page to get back to my previous 70 FPS that it previously was. I am not certain if the new drivers are optimized for the 2000/3000 series cards and this affects the 1000 level hardware cards only.

Nvidia driver link: Download The Latest Official GeForce Drivers

Hi there!!! In my situation i have a MSI Armor GTX 1080 Ti, i have the latest drivers, version 460.89, and i have no problems, the framerate does not decrease

Thanks for your feedback. I am still having issue of the frame rate dropping to 20 fps with the latest driver in 4K mode. Perhaps the next driver update will resolve this issue.

The latest NVIDIA driver, 461.09, resolved my 4K performance issue on my PC for my 1080 TI card.