Nurburgring track days/races/free fun

So iv tried hosting a custom lobby and then posting in here to try to get ppl to join several times without much luck. So I guess the next thing I can try is to just add a bunch if ppl to my friends list that enjoy driving the ring as much as I do. So if u are a ring nut like me and enjoy doing track days and races and just cruzing all types of cars on the ring post up and I will add you to my list and send out invited whenever I’m hosting a custom lobby.

Ps. Sure would be nice to have custom public lobbies back T10, would certainly make finding like minded ppl a whole hell of a lot easier for us…


Love the “Grüne Hölle” - so add me…

see you…

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EvilLeviOwnsYou. I’m always down for the ring! and the Hoppers take way to long to circulate back around to it!

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:slight_smile: we need to find a way to beat these time zones levi haha! and get some A class cars made!

Sounds fun. Asd me

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I would like to join in, love racing the ring, pretty much the only track I race any more on forza lol

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Send me an invite and I’ll go.

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Count me in.-Black ZR1

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always up for some racing.

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Invite me I’m Always down for the Ring

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Count me in guys :smiley:

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add me im in.

Count me in, gordcivic

I’m in anytime for it LegendaryHK

Sounds good add me if ya still doing it, GT is UK M0NST3R.

Me and a mate are online most night with just us racing round the Ring so be good to join some other clean racers,


Whoever wants to bother sending an inv my way any time I’m on, send away…the ring is like my home lol.

Add me I’ll race you anytime my gamertag is DurrtySouthRdot

I’m a definite ring nut. It’s pretty much the only track that I race and your right the hopper does take way too long to circulate to it. Add me and I’m definitely in. MFROOSTER22. I’m stationed in hawaii so I’m behind all the time zones

If anyone is still doing it, then count me in-GT Black ZR1