Nurburgring racing

After trying this track for the first time, I can understand why they don’t race formula 1 there anymore.

It seems deliberately designed to kill people. I cannot imagine the carnage that must have occurred there before barrier walls were installed.

IfI ever get the opportunity to drive it irl, I will do so very, very carefully.
Anyone had the chance here to go round it?

Nope, i would love to though. Check out in 9 days time for the Nurburgring 24hr race.

Depending on the source you look up, there are at least 10 deaths a year on that track. That is both professional/sanctioned racing as well as “free roam” visitors. It’s also the track where Niki Lauda got burnt badly and almost didn’t survive. It’s also very expensive to crash; if I remember correctly, you’re charged 2000 Euros / 2700 dollars for every 30 minutes your car-wreck blocks the track. This comes on top of repair & cleanup & towing charges.

Good luck driving there; it’s a lifetime experience but only if your balls are so big, you need an extra crash-helmet for them :slight_smile:

the official instructor would disagree. google sabine schmitz

Sabine has grown up around the Nordscheilfe though, she knows it better than nearly everyone alive today; and was on that track almost everyday for years driving the BMW ring taxis.

Ya think???

Would love a real drive around it, even as a passenger, if your doing it and want some company, hit me up

Problem with it was…in addition to being narrow, big kerbs and no run off…was that if you crashed the chance of being near a marshall/fire post was low so help didn’t come soon enough. Modern circuits have help with you in seconds.

The ring has claimed about 140 lives so far (both racing and tourist drives). Given that the track is being conquered by hundreds of wanna-be-schumachers nearly every day, this number is surprisingly low.

I rode it twice so far, in my private car and as a passenger in an Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24 Taxi drive (410bhp). The taxi drive was much more exciting though :wink: I wanted to visit this year’s 24h race but cant make it. Hope it will work out for next year.

I drove it last year. Very demanding, not just the circuit, but the traffic is extremely hostile. It’s a must do before you die. There’s always the risk of an accident, but drive within your comfort limits and its an amazing experience :smile:

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It’s about 20 miles away from my home, so I am happy that I can race on it very frequently. I can say, once you got some experience with the track it isn’t that difficult anymore. (but still the best track in the world imo)


Type in “Jackie Stewart Nurburgring” on YouTube and select the result titled “Stewart Nurburgring.” I would link it but I’m on my phone and it’s too much work. Sir Stewart takes you on a ride along and discusses the finer points of most areas of the circuit.

You can also watch a video on there, although it’s not too high resolution, where Jackie talks about his 1973 win (originally aired on the SPEED network) and you can see what The Green Hell used to look like before all of today’s safety improvements.

The men who raced there in 1976 and before are either the craziest or most brave men who have ever driven cars. Maybe both.

Another good video “How to tackle Nurburgring” How to tackle the Nurburgring Nordschleife - YouTube