Nurburgring Nordschleife in the night is hell!

I have raced most tracks in the game in the night but there is literally 0% visibility most of the time on the Nordschliefe. I really love the track, but so challenging of a night time. Definitely the hardest track to race on of a night. Anyone else agree? >.< :wink:

Yea, the Nordschliefe is very hard to master. Especially in an f1 or Formula E, since the cars have no head lights the screen is nearly pitch black and it is a bit tariffing.

Ever smashed your lights on Nurb’ at night.

All you gotta do for Nordschleife in the night is to lap the track in the day a lot until you get a good feel for it. Once you get the feel of it it isn’t much different at night than it is at day. The real hell in my opinion is a wet Nordschleife, because of the big puddles on an already extremely narrow track.

hood view drivers like it more.

Yeah it’s super hard, I’ll just leave if i ever smashed my headlights. No chance lol…

it’s a great challenge, blink and you’re dead, though if anyone uses the race line or braking line then the whole concept of this night race is lost.