Nürburgring Endurance

After finishing all 8 laps of the Nürburgring i’m left thinking what a race! Just over an hour and 10 minutes in total the Nürburgring is an incredible track with decieving tight turns and long flat straights to really push your top speed. Jumping in the Audi R8 V10 i really began to get a feel for the car, knowing it’s handling, cornering speeds and acceleration. I constantly found myself pushing to beat my fastest lap, by lap 7 i had shaved nearly an entire minute off my time. The scenery is fantastic and really gives way to Forza 6’s beautiful graphics. Harsh light beams down on corners, forcing you to take caution due to visual impairment and overhanging trees strike brilliant shadows onto the track. If you haven’t competed this event i highly recommend you do as the Nürburgring is an absolutely incredible track and the long winded race gives way to a seriously good experience