Nürburgring and Drivatars.

Silly Drivatars… Now I passed this particular guy three times (that I’m aware of), lap after lap, and he was seriously stuck in the same spot. He kept on driving into the barricade trying to move on. Not really sure how or why he is stuck but I think it is pretty funny what this more intelligent AI do! :slight_smile:

Derp Drivatar :)

I also want to add, I’ve seen numerous cars flying off the track at this exact corner so I’m not sure if its the track or if Drivatars are just having brain farts.

Bumber cars,lol.

He’s stuck and the tractor hasn’t yet arrived to drag him back to the track - that’s all. Heh.

I have chased a few ghosts on my friends list that all go off on a turn quite early on the lap. Not sure of turn number lol

Thanks. Made my day.

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FUNNY// This part of the track is named “Adenauer Forst”. And its one of the most famous places for visitors because there happens/d a lot of accidents turn overs and so on. I haven’t been there for a while, but last time I was, the tyrewall which i in the game, in real wasn’t there. A few cars and a lot of motorbikes cut over the green because they arrive to fast to take the curve well. That’ because the kind of chicane follows directly on a very fast part of the track. So you shoud brake in time and change gear unti 2nd.
So it is very funny to see that even in the game it is a “special place of the track”. And even in the game at the outside of this curve, on the left side of the track there are the visitors behind the fence.
That’s accuracy! If someone wants to see what i am talking about, go to youtube and digit: “Adenauer Forst”. And you will see… Its a famous and funny place since the 70s. Hope that someone appreciates and sorry for my english…

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I watch quite a lot of ‘Touristenfahrten’ videos on YouTube, specifically from users such as Touri Tobi and Automobilchannel, and have witnessed a LOT of drivers cut across the grass there as you mention. It’s great! Not to mention the cheers from the crowd when it happens - always makes you smile.

Definitely a famous corner for catching people out, I’ve had a few run ins with it in game already although I haven’t slammed in to that wall.

From the videos I’ve seen of the real thing, while the tire wall isn’t there, I think adding it was a good call by T10.

I still haven’t caught that corner correctly, caught it clean but not correctly, I can’t imagine what my Drivatar has learned from me there.

Must have done about 30 laps at NBRing by now, never ONCE did I notice the tire wall. I could see how that corner could be cut though! That corner is just before Niki Lauda’s crash site.

Glad to know the blatant corner cutting opportunities such as this have been addressed by the tire walls.

the AI were programmed when the tyres were not there and since the update they still dont know its there hence they crash into it,lol

This happens with me at Spa on the last corner.

This happens to me at Spa also, but replace the tire wall with ME, the Audi ramming me broadside. Lol + sigh

OT: My drivatars seem to know what they’re doing on the 'ring.

Heh, the drivatars must’ve been watching this vid too much:

Crashes at Nurburgring - Crashes at Nurburgring - YouTube