Nürbugring 24hr race.

Hey people, after completing the 2.4 Nürburgring last night i cant wait for the real 24hrs of the Ring to start. I live in UK and it is not televised. So i thought id share some live stream sites.




they will show all the coverage with radio Le Mans commentary.

the race starts 2pm GMT.



thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:


40 Minutes to race start - The Youtube stream is 480p, but so far maintains a great connection.
Plan to watch through the start, and go run the 2.4 Endurance sometime during the day…

Thanks, man. Autoracinglive is already on with 40 minutes before the start. Le Mans winning Audi currently running an exhibition lap.

Formation lap underway. 20 min. to start.

Not even an hour into the race, and some already gone nuts.
The Viper almost hit the track control car, don’t know what I should think about that

thank you VERY much