Those designs are definitely minimal. I don’t see why people would pay for designs anyone could slap together in 5 minutes. Plus, there is going to be a storefront and auction house, so people will look on there and not on a website.

They’re bringing back the store front and auction house?

saved it to see where it goes when the game comes out.
If I get the theme you are going for a high class style ya?
maybe lower the prices a bit almost 2 million for a few is YIKES
I can see that if it’s full on artistic (Making a super hero themed car or something)
i’ll check out the store in game when it comes out, I’m curious i like the theme of those

Nice work, but seriously, why would we pay that much for liveries that we can paint ourselves!

The pricing seems immensly high for such designs. The XKRS for example appears to be a carbon skin with red trim around the bottom which you can put together in minutes. Certainly not worth 245,000CR!