Nugsy 1's Designs

Hi all. Same as before for now (FH4).
I’ve imported and shared my liveries from that title into Forza Horizon 5 and I’ve made a start on getting some new cars sorted, but also I’ve been busy unlocking all I can of course.
I’m always glad to see my designs being downloaded. Moreso to see them used and even moreso again if people are kind enough to go back and like my creations.
Please follow Nugsy 1 for future designs. I also share many vinyls, including my best so you can fit the designs best to your vehicle.

Lazily, I’ll just quote my FH4 post for now and update with some newer pics as I get them, but this shows what I do :


Being a new game, I’ll be busy for a while before I make any new stuff but I’m open to requests at any time, whether easy ones like adapting an existing one to another vehicle or brand new designs.
Just don’t expect too much too quickly for now… If you’d like the last supper recreated - I’ll take a week’s pay for it (joke - just an example of “too much to ask”.

UPDATE to the requests side of things :

I was recently asked to make a livery that already exists several times over.
Please do your own search first. Even if it doesn’t exist for the car you want, it’s creator might be open to adapting his work. Worth a message as he/she would have all the vinyls ready.

Another request was to replicate a picture as a vinyl. Fair enough but I hit a problem.
Unfortunately ATM my PC blue-screens when I have the necessary screens open to copy these images. I lost my progress twice and gave up.
In fact, FH5 doesn’t like anything else going on (at least on my PC).

So I’m sorry folks but unless I’m donated a newer PC, or the problem goes away, I’m not going to be copying pics etc. Just rearranging what I have and some more simple logos.

You’ve got some real quality work there Nugsy, nice one! :+1:t5::+1:t5:

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Really nice designs m8 would really appreciate if you could make a blue, green, purple chameleon color for a Datsun 240z.
thanks as always brother

You mean a colour changing effect or actually looking like a chameleon with scaled skin?

Chamelion Paint


Corvette Stingray Coupé in FH5 :

Corvette Stingray Coupé


Love your work, Nugsy. I PM’d you a request for when you have time. Thanks in advance!

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Hey nugsy don’t mean to ask for so much so often but just had a thought since you make livery’s could you make a Smokey nagata 98’ Toyota supra livery. Thanks for making such great designs and schemes.

I had to look that up. If it’s the one below it looks simple enough though I may have a couple of busy days ahead…



Take your time no rush but yes sir that is the car, I appreciate the time and effort you really put into these designs keep up the good work, I will be watching the forum like a hawk.

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If only you’d put a little of that energy into a quick search you could have been driving it days ago.
I was about to begin on this livery when I had to buy the car first. I searched just the word smokey on available liveries for the '98 Supra and you’ve several options.

Unless these are wrong in some way I’d say take your pick of these :


Great Matrix design. love it
GG to you

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I saw those I just think they are such a light gold it doesn’t really look like it but that may just be my opinion, thank you anyway for the attention to the forum, keep up the good work…

If it’s just the shade, message the creators. It would be so easy for them to do. For me I’d have to make each decal.
Find the shade you want and give that info. As far as I could see, one was spot on, if a touch too shiny.
I’m not trying to be funny about this. If you get no luck, PM me but my time’s mostly on the game itself right now.

If staff read this, feel free to move the appropriate posts into the new request thread, since it’s unfair on the other fine painters here for my thread to get bumped with request stuff.

I wouldn’t worry about it mate, nice job on the Matrix and the texture on Neo’s top is pretty good too.

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Just sharing a new vinyl :

129 511 007


Awesome style in here. And some nice ideal. Keep up that nice work!

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That Spaceman vinyl is spot on!

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I just entered the Retro Cartoon Contest with the following livery : Roadrunner & Wile E Coyote.

I have shared the main vinyls for this too. Search vinyls by Nugsy 1 / view my creative hub.

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