Now using a three pedal set...and breaking transmissions

IRL I drive a manual transmission and know that for good shifting I should be matching engine and gear train revs as best I can. But with my new three pedal set…I am doing something seriously wrong. I can (and do) damage a transmission in a lap or two. This happens with any car on any track so I have no doubt that I am doing some thing wrong. I am using a Thrustmaster wheel. On up shifts I wait for the engine revs to drop before letting clutch out. On down shifts I am trying heel and toe but don’t have the touch for it yet. So mostly just braking and shift without using gas to increase revs. Is that what I am messing up? Or is there something else.

Thanks to T10 for the continued support of the community. And to the community for any help you can send my way.

Edit…Oops forgot to mention that with damage set to cosmetic I have no problem.

Check your dead zones to make sure they aren’ty causing an issue. I would just try to shift as you do in real life and it should be fine. Perhaps there is an issue with your build?

Cosmetic means looks only so you never get damage in that mode.

I don’t rev match (using a controller) and my transmission is fine. Though I’m going to start because I think it will increase stability when downshifting.

Sorry, I just got the game yesterday but I recall on previous versions you could bring up a picture of your car and it would show you the health of different areas. I don’t know what it looks like in F5 but try bringing that up then…

  1. Apply gas, car should jolt but not move because the clutch isn’t being utilized. Next, apply gas with clutch in, engine should freely rev.

  2. Stay stationary and shift a bunch of times (with the clutch in). Shift enough times to simulate you driving around the track.

  3. Do a few laps with a controller, do you still have the problem?

At first glance I would want to blame the shifter/pedals you’re using but #3 should confirm that. If it is the shifter/pedals, number #1 will troubleshoot the clutch, #2 will troubleshoot the shifter.