Now rethinking my decision to not purchase Car Pass

When I originally purchased the game, Day One Edition Xbox, Limited Edition of Forza with VIP and whatever else, I spent a butt load. Last thing I wanted to do was spend ANOTHER $50 for the Car Pass. My thinking was that most cars in these car packs are terrible, mundane cars that baffle me as to why anyone would ever want them, much more, pay extra for them. I figured I’d buy a car pack or two and a car or two out of a car pack here or there and end up paying less than the $50. Well, I now think that wasn’t so smart. So far I’ve purchased two car packs, one booster pack and and two cars from two other car packs. Currently I’ve spent $31. I’m considering buying the other booster which will put me at $36. Beyond that, more DLCs are coming… possibly an all race car DLC… possibly a Porsche DLC… who knows. But if they do, I’m buying those and will eclipse the $50 that I didn’t want to spend. Too bad what I’ve spent can’t be credited towards the Car Pass purchase…

I’m waiting for more tracks. If I see more tracks, I’ll start spending money on cars. Long Beach was nice, but the track is short and honestly, not all that much fun for Drifting.

In forza 4, I easily spent between $50-$60 buy cars. I would happily do it again once more drift friendly tracks are released, and also User-Created Public Lobbies.

if porche comes it wont be in the season pass. remember the season pass is the 1st six 10 packs. i think next month is the last covered by the pass. the other pass has evidently been cancled. if you bought the season pass you would still have to pay for the rest of the packs seperatly. if you are at 31 now, buy the boster thats 36, buy the next pack thats 46. you saved $4. iif they release more than 1 more pack even the season pass owners will have to pay extra. got all 6 packs, the boosters, and 1 extra pack thats going to be $60 for 80 cars. spend that same $60 on fm6 and i bet you get alot more than 80 cars, and alot of tracks for the same price. you still made the right decesion, nothing to regret.

think of it this way, which is a better deal, season pass or fm6? and yes frys electronics and bestbuy will have it on sale at launch, they always do.

Sorry about going off-topic but come on man , FM6 ?! I simply don’t get it why some of you talk about it like it’s going to be released tomorrow…
Oh and by the way , T10 actually has to pay their employees for rendering any new DLC car/track and guess what : that’s not an easy/effortless task at all and I doubt someone will spend hundreds of hours of their free time just so you get your +200 free DLC cars at the cost of nothing.


Where did rdo3 said that he wants all DLC cars for free? And for FM5? Never. He suggested the OP to wait for FM6, since FM5 DLC cars are highely going to be already shipped in for FM6 (if there’s a FM6 coming). See FM2-FM3-FM4 for many examples.

Meh, the same cars they render will end up being in forza 6 anyway, and people will still rebuy it like they did for forza 3 and 4 that had darn near the same cars and tracks. So I don’t see why they can’t just “Give us cars, and tracks for 5” and have only the really really cool cars as DLC instead of weak cars. Afterall, Forza 6 will be on the same game engine, so will 7. So no, they wont be loosing money making the cars to begin with when they will be selling them in the next installment of the series.

Well maybe he wants to play Forza sometime before 2016…

read the 1st post. he has been playing it. i dont buy dlc, i buy games. i’m over level 700 without dlc. and i dont own a time machine, i have been playing it before 2016. you are the second person to act like i’m a monster for not being rich and making sure i get the best value for my money. i cant wait for you to grow up and have to start paying the bills. forza is a luxury not a need, it gets paid last. i own every car and have driven less than half of them. what makes you think i need to waste money on more of what i already have too much of? you want to buy it fine, thats your right. i dont want to buy it and thats fine too. my bills come 1st. if i meet paris hilton drunk enough she runs me up to vegas for a quicky marriage and divorces me in the morning giving me half maybe i wont give a damned about money and start buying the dlc. but i honestly dont see that happening.

Well it is your decision bro to buy of not to buy, i personally never buy dlc

I have bought every Forza DLC since Forza 3.

The car pass is worth it. They aren’t bad, I regularly race several of the cars online. There’s still one more pack to go too, the May pack.

When you shoot yourself in the foot is when you start buying DLC items individually. Always buy the pass, save yourself a little money.

If you play a certain game a lot, I think DLC can offer a good value. If you don’t play often, well, I can understand not wanting to fork over more money. But it is just $50 and in the long run not that big of a deal.

I’ve also bought every Forza DLC since Forza 3. The way I look at it is that I love this game and I play it almost everyday. I figure there will always be a few cars that I’ll want to buy, so I should just buy the whole Car Pack. My buying the DLC’s is my way of saying “Good work Turn 10 - thank you for the many, many, many hours of enjoyment”. In the end, the total $$ I’ve spent on Forza 5 is way less than I would have spent having one night out buying dinner, drinks, movie, etc.

They have released 2 tracks as free DLC so I don’t mind paying for the car pass. So everyone gets to enjoy the tracks they release and it’s down to the individual if they want the extra cars. I just hope they continue releasing the tracks for free and just get the extra revenue from the cars for all the hard work they do to improve the game.

If you are planning to own every single car from each DLC, then yes a season pass is a good idea. However, the Season Pass is only for the first 6 10 car packs, any other DLC will cost you more. They did that with Forza 3 I believe. After the Season Pass was over, which I had. They released the Porsche DLC for $20, I got that one too. The DLC was actually pretty good if I remember correctly in Forza 3. Today, in my opinion, Forza 5 has only one good DLC, and that is the La Ferrari Car Pack, the other cars are not as much of interest to me.
You have to understand this is a personal opinion though, so if you really do want to buy the Season Pass (which is a bad idea at this point, as you will be spending more money than if you bought it before any DLC purchase) and then the DLC content at full price that is going to come out later, then go for it.
I also think the game has a lot of features removed like buy and sell cars or even gifting, so spending money on a game that removes great features is not a good idea in my opinion.

Anyway on your season pass question, buy if you want, but you might be a little late thinking about doing it at this time.

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t fm3 and fm2 have Porsche available with the game it was fm4 that didn’t come with the German beasties.

If that Paris Hilton thing happens, you’ll probably need a fair amount of the cash to clear up the resulting, shall we say, “wedding gift” you’ll likely end up with…

On another note, this is the first pass I haven’t bought, and I don’t regret it one bit. But that’s me though. Knowing what we know now, if the OP thinks buying that pass is a good idea, more power to them. I truly hope they are satisfied with that purchase.

If you buy the booster and the May pack and end up $46 into it, you’re still under the $50 car pass cost. Sure, you’d have gotten more cars with the pass… but did you want them? And, what if the game hadn’t held your interest? If you’d moved on after just a couple months, you’d have stopped buying car packs and saved the cash. As it was, you’re only spending as you go because you’re still going.

I bought the pass knowing it was a blind buy, but as a guy who wants to try every car it was an easy choice for me. It’s a big savings over buying singles, a modest savings over buying packs, and maybe sets me up for a few freebies.

SuperYendor, welcome to the world of virtual racing. It is a genre of entertainment that can require - for those who wish to enhance their gaming experience - quite an investment regarding add-ons and peripherals. However, Turn 10 Studios has done a fair job in ensuring that add-on content does not impact the game’s progression system; instead, add-ons are simply that: content which can extend the life of the game for its users.

Of course, you have (or had) the advantage in this scenario. You could have waited out the six months to see what was offered in full and, then, purchase the Car Pass; or do as you have already done with buying as you go along; or decide not to buy at all and save the cash. Of course, Microsoft and Turn 10 bank on your willingness pony up the money to receive more content and the purchase options are such that they encourage the consumer to be a part of the game’s expanding nature. But, it is on you to act as a smart consumer and determine what is best for you.

As for your wishes to be credited with what you’ve already put in - we all wish, but no such luck. Many within the Forza Motorsport community have doled out far more with expenses in consoles, titles, DLC and hardware accessories. Those decisions were made based on each individual consumer’s passion for the hobby and their willingness to shell out the money. Your investment, at this point, is meager by comparison - something you should take solace in, if the statement about your tab is a point you are trying to make.

All of that considered, there are a whole lot of dollar signs and figures in your posting. This leads me to suggest that if this hobby is more about crunching the numbers as opposed to valuing the time and enjoyment you will get out of the experience, perhaps the investment is not for you. Then again, as mentioned earlier, this franchise has never made it a requirement to purchase DLC and, as a result, you have the option to play the game as is with the understanding that your Forza experience is based solely on each title release and not the content drops in between. Either way, the choice is all yours and nobody here is at liberty to make that decision for you.

I hope this input provides whatever insight you were looking for.

The “dollar signs” in my post, or my calculating expenses, is nothing more than considering finances. No matter how much I love the experience, if you’re not wealthy, or, if you’re smart with your money, you consider these things. It’s nothing more than a ‘bang for my buck’ consideration, which scenario would have been better or more prudent financially. So, valuing the gaming experience and valuing my monetary resources can co-exist.

But I do appreciate your well thought out response. And I have no real issue with DLC as a gaming reality. Do I think DLC for this particular iteration of Forza is a bit wrong, considering that the game offered drastically fewer cars than its major competitors (GT6, Forza 4)? Yes. But that’s not worth discussing or arguing about (so please don’t) because it is what it is. I accept it because there is no other option. Do I think that half of the cars in the DLC packs are mundane and often redundant? Yes. But again, not worth discussing or arguing about. The DLCs are almost finished and nothing the community says as far as car “wish lists” is going to change T10’s car choices for DLCs. But I digress…

My post was just me thinking out loud. With the next version of Forza, which I’m suspecting is still 2 years away, I’ll most likely use this lesson to fork over the cash for the car pass up front. I can only pray that more cars are included from the beginning and the cars in the DLCs are race and special cars, not Fiat Puntos and every year of the Subaru STi.

Buying cars separately is obviously the worst value. The price of 4 individual cars exceeds the price for the full pack. Smartest thing is to wait until all car pass cars are released, then decide to buy or not. Also, the car passes sometimes go on sale for a discount. Could be a year from now, but just another option.

Yup, hindsight is always 20/20. Altho, for someone in my position its still not crystal clear. Buying 4 individual cars does exceed the cost of the pack. But buying 1 or 2 cars doesn’t. In my situation, buying as I have, getting only the cars I want, I will save money in the end vs buying the Car Pass, as others have mentioned. But it’s only a few bucks. But if I had spent those few bucks I would have access to all cars in the game even if I don’t necessarily ‘desire’ them. Long story short, the Car Pass is a decent deal vs. picking and pulling from future car packs.