Now it's Spring but shows me Winter-Events

What can i do?! I would drive the seasonal SPRING-Events but it show me, that i all have done.
Then i saw, these are all the winter season events.

So: The season (spring) ingame is right. But the Events are still in winter… O_o

Any ideas for fixing this?

Having the same exact issue but only on fortune island. There are two new PR stunts, but all of the race events are from the winter and are marked as completed. On top of everyone on fortune island being invisible to me (only visible on the map), now the seasonal events are broken as well, lol.

Yes, only in Fortune Island. O_o

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same stuff different day…yet another new glitch in the game. this is starting to get frustrating

Yep, just keeps getting better and better lol. Now I’m randomly losing wheel spins that I’ve earned whenever I level up. Get a prompt saying that I’ve earned one, hold select and nothing happens. Go to menu, and there’s no wheel spin. I’d like to think that I’m generally pretty forgiving and patient with minor issues, but all this and the constant crashing and sound bugs are getting really obnoxious.

Edit - just loaded up fortune island for the new season, and was relieved to see new seasonal races and pr stunts… but, turns out they’re from the previous fall or summer and again have all been completed already… this is obnoxious as hell. Fortune island is pretty boring as far as DLCs go, so the only reason I ever go back is for all the seasonal wheelspin rewards. Now there’s basically no reason… total letdown