Now, in the pits it's chaos

Hi, until recently, entry and exit from the pits was regulated by the intangible car, and it was fine.
Now, after the last or the penultimate update, the cars, in the pits, collide, turn, lock, to the point that you can not even get out of the pits, sometimes.
I ask myself, why? If the machines are controlled by the computer, what’s the point of colliding? the computer does not slow down, it does not make intelligent maneuvers, it just accelerates until it free itself, even for several minutes!
I, to vary the game and have more fun, I impose a mandatory pit stop in the races. Now, this is a problem because if I go into the pits I do not know when or if I can get out, it’s absurd.
I hope you bring everything back to how it was before, thanks.