Novice multiplayer game room?????

Is there such a thing as a novice game room? I usually race offline, but I decided to try the online multiplayer. Naturally I joined a novice game room. To my surprise I was in the bottom two spots every time with the winner a half track ahead of me. I have played Forza ever since the first one on the original xbox, and I love the game and I am by no means a horrible driver. What also bothered me quite a bit was that almost everyone complained if their cars got bumped on the track … really? … expect it in a novice game room … go play a professional game room if you expect perfect everything. I watched several cars bump each other (a fair distance ahead of my vehicle) which sent one guy off the track. Of course he re-entered the track on a 90 degree angle right in front of me giving me little choice but to barrel through him. WOW did this guy have a melt down / temper tantrum. The next race during the initial countdown a car floated (glitch?) in front of my vehicle and when the race started by vehicle was smashed backwards which caused me to roll at least 20 times … what the heck is that? Have people hacked the online play???

Overall, NOT an enjoyable experience.

It would seem to me that good drivers are trying to pad their stats / wins in these novice game rooms and complaining about everything that prevents them from winning. This is a huge deterrent for anyone new to the game trying to play online for fun.

Hopefully my bad experiences (approximately 7 races in three different rooms) do NOT represent the regular behaviour of the online play.

Thankfully I still enjoy the offline play.

I think they should put a cap on how long you can play in the beginner rooms like on COD and Horizon. Averted say level 10, players should be locked out of beginner rooms. That means T10 would have to have a separate level for offline and online, but this would prevent players that are experienced from playing in the beginner rooms.