November content update includes the GTR LM Nismo!

Dunno if anyone has seen the home page yet but the banner for the November content update shows the 2015 Nissan GTR LM Nimso. Cant seem to get the link to work but its up on the home page!


Article won’t open lol, but I’m excited!

Yeah, that’s certainly disappointing. I mean, that car was a disaster.


So the link and the car have technical similarities… Hmmm…


There’s that famous Turn 10 realism for you. :slight_smile:

Well hopefully we have some tuning options on it that allow us to actually turn it into a competitive machine.

Glad I kept to my opinion that it’d be a useless surprise, not dissapointed.


This isn’t the special surprise, the Content Update, the November DLC, and the November Surprise are all separate, so we don’t even know what the November surprise is. And hey, its a free car included in a patch to fix bugs, I have no idea why you’re complaining about free.

Is it a bad race car, or a really good free car?

This car was struggling to keep up with LMP2 at Le Mans this year.

Struggling would imply that it could keep up with LMP2.


That is true, but they did run without the hybrid system, and it’s a new take on the usual LMP1 style. They did have one of the fastest cars through the speed trap during testing with the hybrid on.
So if they can get the durability sorted and get the hybrid working they should be faster than the LMP2’s next year :stuck_out_tongue:

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They did have the highest speed through the traps. Everyone expected them to be fast since they were giving up downforce. The problem was they were 30+mph down in the curves. That won’t be fixed with the hybrid system. And that doesn’t even address the issue of tire wear with their FWD/Front Engine system.

If Nissan is going to be competitive they will have to come back with a very different car. The problem is, Porsche is destroying Audi right now; which will likely light a fire under Audi. And don’t expect Porsche to coast either. I love that they tried something different, but they definitely have a huge uphill battle.

They knew it was a 24h race, not 24m :stuck_out_tongue:

Very true. At least we will be able to easily weed out the GTR fanboys in the lobbies now!

Maybe it’s a hint that they are implementing mechanical failures?


Game is updating - 512 MB.

Mine just started now too. 11:19am Eastern.

I’ve always said buy cheap buy twice. Free is too cheap. It’s something ill never use or care about. And seems alot of others aren’t exactly jumping for joy. And how do you know this isn’t the surprise. It was unannounced…anyway the gtr nismo thing is there but says DLC and error to get car so must be another update coming to the marketplace sometime

Interesting, the homepage no longer has it.

EDIT: now it’s back up…