November car DLC

Hey fellow peeps,

As I’m still quite fresh to the forza series, I don’t have the highest knowledge of DLC schedules.

Do you guys have any prediction as of when we will see an announcement?

1st Tuesday of the month. so next Tuesday the 7th we will see the November dlc.

…is how it’s been in the past, but we haven’t heard confirmation from T10 — which is the only confirmation that matters — if that’s going to continue.

Especially considering:


While it would be easy to roll in the DLC with the update patch for the Xbox One X, it is also the release date for the console, which is where their focus lies. I wouldn’t be surprised to see DLC delayed a week or a month.

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Follow this thread and calendar:–livestreams–alerts–and-Calendar-for-FM7.aspx

If it’s coming on Tuesday then we may see mention of it in the Week in Review or during Friday’s livestream., or the appearance of Johniwanna’s traditional DLC Clue Thread.

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Do we really want to risk more game bugs by adding a DL pack this means more content more to go wrong all though it is hard to believe any thing more could go wrong with the game as so far if it can go wrong it has still have no freeplay since the last patch any thing alse breakes Then I wont have squat to do race wise.


You’re having a laugh, right? That’s quite the correlation you’ve made, there.


Adding in a few cars won’t break the game, at worst the added cars would have some small issues.

No not at all since the VIP droped I have not been able to use FreePaly at all tracks will not load and all out of the Normal XBox Fixes to try.

That may be right but it is what alse is added with the Content UP Date that may cause problems will have to wait and see

Important life lesson: correlation does not imply causation.


Yes but Freeplay working 1 hour Befor patch and then not working after VIP patch points a big ass finger at the patch Especially since it is affecting more than one person.

I hvae never in the entire time I have been Using Xbox and that is Since release all them years ago had so many problems with just One game.

^^^heh heh love this!

At any rate: while I’m 99% sure adding more cars won’t add bugs to the game, what I do hope is that every car that gets added – EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. – can be used somewhere in career. No more of this unassigned car class nonsense.

DISCLAIMER: I do not work with T10. I do not have a crystal ball and I am not privy to any insider information that no one else here is. I’m also not trying to turn this thread into a wishlist with this post.

Having said all that:

I can pretty much guarantee we’ll be seeing some rehashed cars coming as DLC as well as Forzathon rewards. What I’m really curious about, however, is whether or not we’ll be seeing Porsches of any kind coming as DLC since this is the first time both DLC and Porsche-at-launch have existed for the same game. NTM this “six-year partnership with Porsche” we’re always hearing T10 drone on about.


Weren’t we supposed to have one this month?

first monthly car pack has always been in november … but the fact of the xbox x release maybe they will go in the second week …

we did, the day one F&F pack

Man I hope they don’t go the Gears of War route & just rehash a bunch of old content. The 2013 Boss 302 & the Shelby Sunbeam are just two cars that come to mind. Sure it’d be nice to have those cars in this game, but it’d be a shame having to pay for them particularly because they transferred over so many pointless cars from Horizon for free… Guess we’ll find out soon enough.
Fingers crossed for a multiplayer stability update too, please oh please…

I’m truly hoping for a Ferrari 488 GTLM car so the Ford GT car can actually have a real car to race! The GT NEVER EVER raced the ancient slow 458 Italia.


The Ford can already race, and lose to, the Corvette C7R. Just like real life. :wink:


Second that

Corvette GTLM can race with the Ford GT. And the Corvette is a beastly good car

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