Noticed something wierd tonight

A few days ago I ended up changing my screen name. Prior screen name was STIGnTraining00. I started Forza on the 360 with number 4 and also have played the FnF version of Horizon along with Horizon 2 on the 360. Started Forza 6 on Sept 18th and loving it. However, I noticed something weird with my Tier Rank here on the forum. It is showing that I am a Tier 2 rank and been playing since 2015 with 350 pts, when I am actually a Tier 5 rank with 3,453 pts to my name and been racing since 2011 per the rewards screen. It was showing Tier 5 under my new name until a few hours ago. Is this normal with a change with the screen name and is this going to mess up my loyalty rewards?

My Tier is now showing correctly. Could an admin please lock this thread or delete it?