Nothing for completing Career Mode?

I just finished career mode and didn’t get anything for doing that? You would think you would get something. Maybe a car you can’t get any other way? What is the incentive for completing career mode other than saying you completed it.

Maybe you have got an achievement?

You get satisfaction.

It’s impossible to finish the career at the moment, because the game isn’t finished yet…

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Lol I see what you did there… If only Turn 10 spent another year working on everything apart from graphics then FM5 wouldn’t be such an affront to the Forza name.

But on topic, no, there’s no special reward. That was the only achievement I didn’t get in FM4 but now that its actually plausible to finish there’s no achievement for it.

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Achievements mostly.

Career mode has been terrible for the past few games. It’s a grind mostly just to get an achievement and a little satisfaction en route.

It’s a complaint that has been stated many times with the only change for this game is more achievements.

I think most would agree that maybe for the next game that some serious modifications need to be done.