nothing but disappointment from forza 7!

i have forza motorsport 7 ultimate edition and honestly its a waste of money. i try to do paint jobs on 5 different cars to get dashboarded everytime loosing all my work and it still hasnt been fixed literally just happened to me again less then 5 min ago… i was gifted forza edition cars for being vip only to find the cars they gifted me cant be sold and are the same cars i got for completeing each race series 100% so now i dont even have any incentive to finish the career atall… the online dont work join lobbys and you have to use the same car in every race or destruction derby as thats alls that happens you get rammed of the track if somebody cant pass… got 11 laps into the lemans endurance race to get dashborded and have to start it again :angry:… i open bonnets on cars to see the engine but theres anouther bonet under the top bonet…no drift or drag races…ive been playing forza for years but this games just depressing… anybody checking the forum decideing weather or not to buy jus dont in my opinion… if i had it on disc id sell it… im almost level 150 also so its not like ive had it ten minutes…played it for almost 3 days… and lets not forget all the rumors that ultimate edition owners will still have to pay for dlc!!! rant over


also played alot of forza on my old account bmarley2008 so i have been playing these games long before 2013

Dashboarded a lot as well.Its a total shambles of a game compared to Forza 6.Unless they get the finger out and fix these issues and get the content added that we paid for, I will be done with this title for good.
Had an Xbox since the very first release but I am seriously contemplating jumping ship to PS Pro.


its a complete joke mate fair enough it hasnt been out long but like the cars they gifted a couple days back i already had 4 of them so now i have duplicates that cant be sold… i really hoped this would alot better than it is… and i hear you with the ps pro. grantourismo actually looks pretty good graphics look smooth and they have snow too… i wont buy any more forza games if something is not sorted soon… miss the fm2 community that was a real racing game running drag races on the nurburgring for pinks.

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