Not your average Caterham... (series)

if anyone is interested, im in need of some test drivers for a league i might be starting on forza 5, message me if ur interested! i am online currently and plan to be for a while.
photo related

take a peek at this place

we are looking for drivers to enter our series

the car is the Caterham R500 Superlight with the 3.0L V8 Racing engine swap

upgrades are
-Race Brakes
-Race roll bars
-Race differential
-Race tires
-195/50r13 Front tires
-255/45R13 Rear tires
-Race front bumper
-Race rear wing
-3.0L V8 Racing engine swap

pi R816
hp 475

this is a fun car to drive alone i am very interested to see how it is with a few others running on track with me, i am currently online and needing more testers to help me out!