Not seeing liveries on competitor cars

I’m not seeing any liveries on competitor cars in single player?

I know there is a setting, but I’ve tried it both on and off and nothing. I’m connected to Live with a Gold membership.

Restarted game and Xbox and am able to race others online, so that is working fine. But no liveries in single player races?

It probably just takes some time until the database is up to date, this also was the case in Forza Motorsport 7, i think it was 1-2 weeks until most cars had liveries.

Ah OK. So I take it you don’t have liveries on your competitor cars either?

I didn’t get the last few Forza’s as soon as they were released, so didn’t notice.

Only a few of them have liveries yes, but they are getting more and more every day, just have some patience like i said it’s a database thing, it just takes some time.