Not much to do for Convoys right now

I play regularly with a group of people, and the restrictions, limitations and bugs are really putting a damper on what should be the best way to play FH5, but for some reason is the worst.

Let’s forget the bugs right now. I have no reason to believe they will ever get fixed considering they never got fixed in 4, but that is a rabbit hole I just don’t want to go down right now.

The past 5 weeks has really killed our spirits for this game. There’s nothing to do for convoys. The playlist has been stripped of most of the racing, Horizon tour has had every iteration played through multiple times, opinions in the group about other game modes like playground games and eliminator range from mild disinterest to outright hatred, and while the new changes to open offer some reprieve, part of the reason why we group up is so we don’t have to interact with randoms.

This problem would be entirely fixed with the introduction of custom championships, as relying on exhibition racing alone is just too much faffing about getting cars ready and waiting for the servers to decide to work to be worthwhile for such short events. The race time to down time is extremely unfavourable.

I want to love this game. I really do. The core open world racing simcade is fantastic. But these pants-on-head design decisions, like taking racing out of the playlist, or removing custom championships, are driving me and my friends up the wall.


I wasn’t in a convoy, but I did want to do this seasons championship as co-op but the usual problem of co-op not working, which is another known issue they seem in no hurry to fix meant I couldn’t.

Just wish they was as quick to fix some of the known issues with the game as they was with sorting out the trial class d null Drivatar ai problem that occurred earlier in the week and the way they leapt on the A class open custom online racing issue, but alas they are not.