Not getting the prize money that comes with cars

So, just a few minutes ago I won the ultima gt in the wheelspin and it gave me no money that came with the car please fix

You don’t get any money with the car, that’s only telling you what the car is worth. Basically it’s telling you that if you had bought the car instead of won it in the wheelspin, that’s how much it would have cost. Sorry to burst your bubble man.

You have to have bought the VIP pack and be a VIP member in order to get the CR associated with the car you have won.

I do have the vip pass

Money well spent too in my view. In the absence of tokens it’s the only way left to turn dollars into credits.

How well spent? Think I made roughly 6 million alone from Rivals & online Roadtrips and another 9 million from the career. However, I understand the VIP-thingy is a nice bonus to get double prizes but at some point the money seems to be “worthless”.

Yep the VIP grants the bonus of extra payouts which is beneficial for folks that don’t get a chance to play as much. I’m lucky that I can get a good number of play hours a week so earning CR isn’t an issue for me - even without using the wheel spin rewards - but for folks who can’t get that I can see the advantage of VIP.

It says “Prize value” so you should have guessed that it’s the car worth value not the money you get. Smh.