Not getting proper credit for shared tunes

I shared a tune recently and I see that at least 3 people have managed to get some nice times using it [top 20] yet when I look at the tune it says it has been downloaded 0 times and used 2 times. No doubt it has been downloaded at least 3 times and likely quite a few more than that. and has surely been used at least 3 times being that I saw 3 top 20 times posted using it.

I noticed the same thing with a Saleen S7 I shared. I counted 16 top 50 times posted in it shortly after having shared it yet the tune said that it had only been download 5 or 6 times and barely used. I have saw this with other cars and my brother is seeing it too. It is easy to tell with the cars I mentioned because they are capable of top 10 times on the LB so it is easy to tell that more people have been using them than the tune gives credit for.

It is not that big a deal except that it makes it a lot harder to get the tuner badges if the game is not giving credit to the tune when people download and/or use it. It seems even worse when someone downloads the tune and manages a top 10 time with it and the tune still shows 0 downloads afterwards.

Would be nice if this worked properly.

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That sucks, I’ve never checked leaderboards for my tunes! It’s such a pain in the butt to even check to see which tune was downloaded that I pretty much don’t even pay attention to them any more and have given up on sharing tunes. I was a in the top 250 on tuner leaderboard on FM4, now I don’t even share anymore. Hell why would anyone download a tune that shows no stats, no downloads, and no rating?!? It’s really broken even searching for tunes, unless it’s a T10 pick…

You may not get paid if the car isn’t raced.

My theory is painters and tuners get 0 credits if someone chooses to hotlap the car in rivals only.

I know for a fact painters get 0 credits for uses in rivals because I never got paid for my friend’s uses of my paint while hotlapping in rivals but I did when another friend raced it online.

Im thinking this was an oversight on T10’s behalf.


there is an easy way to test it. you and your brother download and instal each others tunes and do a few sort quick races and see if you get credit. the downloaded 0 and used twice makes no sense to me tho so it might be a glitch. also list what track the tune is for, if people use the tune on the wrong track they may think a good tune is no good. when i look for tunes i look for specific tracks, if there is no track listed i skip it. i usually try about 10 tunes before i pick on to keep.

My guess its the same as Forza 5 (no one could tell because I couldn’t see what tune people were driving).

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Would love to hear T10 acknowledge the issue and announce they will try and fix. It’s highly annoying. It would also be helpful to be able to see all of your tunes from the my tunes area, instead of only the car you are currently in.

There’s absolutely a glitch with this. There’s times I’ve seen my setups used with my own eyes but received no credits or acknowledgment it was used.


I don’t know if it is the same with designs. I think it might be. I have some nice but basic designs for a GB roof flag mini and some nice racing look alike Ferraris, F355 Challenge and F40 style stuff. I have seen them used but not got anything for them.

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I loaded up a second profile, downloaded one of my tunes for it and one of my designs. I ran the car in 4 races and got no credit for it at all though the download did show up.
Two of my friends downloaded the tune as well and one of them drove it a lot in many races. The tune showed 11 total uses. My brother then took it out and ran in about 10 races. The tune still said 11 uses.

Sometimes the uses rack up quickly and sometimes they do not but the first car I noticed it on was very noticeable as there were more top times on the leaderboard with it than there were downloads which of course is not possible.

Even with this glitch some of my tunes are showing 100s of uses but I wonder how many uses they really have as that number can’t be trusted apparently.

I have also saw the tune show a use from running in rivals mode so I don’t think it is related to rivals though possibly if they stay in the session it may only count as one use even if the finish and restart, that I can’t say.

I would also like to have some way to see all my tunes without having to go and get in a bunch of different cars and look for them, would be so much easier.


10000% agree with this.

btw i think i got a top 3 time with ones of your tunes. thanks btw.

tri oval s class i think?

I think its working fine in some ways and not at all in others.

you would need to test it with

  1. free play
  2. Career
  3. Multiplayer
  4. Lobbies/leagues
  5. Rivals

I know Career works well.

muliplayer doesn’t work

Your saying that we get no credit for use in multiplayer? That’s mind blowing if true. Only T10 knows?!?

I have tested in multiplayer, free play and rivals and the results were spotty at best

and the chances t10 answers this thread are slim to none…

really once you receive the platinum badge for 25 tunes rated 5 stars its a non issue.
the daily credits are just extra daily credits.

Yeah the credits are not a big deal. I would probably have the platinum badge already if it worked properly though, as is I am still short of it. I can’t even tell easily by how much as they made it so difficult to see how many tunes you have and what they are rated. Having to remember every car that you shared a tune for and then go get in that car and look at my tunes is very cumbersome and a very poor choice in design.


Totally agree with you, like you say the credits are not a big deal to the likes of us who spend a lot of time on here, and spend as much or more time tuning/building/painting etc than racing. But we are the minority. What about the more casual gamers that are trying to get as many achievements on FM6 as they can but can’t tune or paint, or only get a few hours a week to do so? How are they supposed to earn £50k for tunes or paints if likes/uses/downloads are so sporadic and random?

I had been wondering if there was an issue as my uses weren’t going up when I was in a public hopper with a friend who was driving one of my tunes for several races. I’ve even seen some times set on the leaderboards in one of my setups where the stats for the car say 5 downloads 0 likes and 0 uses, not sure how someone can set a time in a car that no one has driven.

Not too worried myself as I only tune to help others, that’s reward enough for me really, although it would be nice to have an idea of how many people I’ve helped (going off likes to uses ratio). The credits are inconsequential to me really as I play so much, already got plenty of cars and projects yet have over 30 million credits left to spend.

On a separate, slightly related note, I have noticed that the “do you like this setup/paint” prompt you get to like something seems to have issues popping up. Unless you sit on the end of race screen for a few seconds before going back to the lobby (if you are trying to save a replay for instance) you’ll never see the prompt as it seems to need this few seconds for it to appear. So if you never/rarely save replays or check lap times on that screen then you won’t see the prompt to ask you for a like. I think this is the reason everyone seems to be getting less likes than in previous games.

I have never looked at this through the leaderboards but one night a bunch of my friends decided they were going to try my tune for a car I was beating them with. I received fewer downloads the next time I got tune credits than the number of friends I had using just that one tune and the number of races they used it in.

Can we get an update on this?

How am I supposed to get the 50k credit achievement for paints when multiplayer doesn’t awardent uses. Apparently I should have at least 30 uses according to my friend for my paint after he raced it a bunch online, but I’ve received no credits for the uses.

Really really annoying.

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