Not getting certain badges

I have completed a few tasks that should be giving me badges but aren’t registering in the game for some reason.

One is winning a gold I the '77 TA. I’ve done it a few times and no badge. Flipping my car. I’ve done that twice and it recorded the clip both times. I have beaten a friend on rivals many times and didn’t get any of those badges

What’s going on here? Am I missing something?

FM5 Game FAQ link: I’ve completed some Achievements and Titles but they are not unlocking.

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Thanks man

Fwiw I literally just unlocked the Frenemy badge for beating a friends rival so it may have been fixed in today’s update


I never had a problem with the game till the update on 3/29/14 now I am not getting the badges then they had a lot of free cars that I got and today on 3/30/14 they took them all away plus cars I bought with my credits

make sure you are signed in with the right gamertag. the kinnect can autosign in someone else if it sees someone else walk past it.

the 73 ta seems to unlock the badge the 77 is supose to, and your car has to flip end over end and usually get air for it to count(its very picky).

People seem to miss the wording on that one - flipping is end to end, rolling would be side to side and the point about getting some air seems to be important as does ending up on your wheels at the end of it.