Not fully upgraded yet drive awesome cars

So I was fooling around with the Cadillac Coupe (aka the CTS-V) today, having built it up to full B class spec. After I tuned it a bit, it felt pretty well rounded. I then decided, after saving that tune, to throw race tires on it.

And it. is. awesome. Well, it drives that way.

Here’s the build:
Platform and Handling-Race on everything except weight, that goes to sport.
Drivetrain-Race on everything
Tires-full tire upgrades
No aero, stock rims, no engine upgrades or drivetrain swaps
PI: A642
Tune setup-
Tires: F 28.0 R 27.5
Gearing: Stock settings
Camber-F -3.2 R -2.0
Toe-F 0.0 R 0.1
Caster 7.0
Anti-Roll Bars: Front 13.00 Rear 14.00
Springs: Front 481.8 Rear 529.9
Ride Height: Max lowered height
Rebound- Front 9.0 Rear 9.1
Bump- Front 3.5 Rear 3.8
Brakes 50% and 101%
Diff: Accel 27%, Decel 5%

Anyone else have a car not fully maxed out in it’s PI that is just a blast to drive?

Auto upgraded ferrari gto for c class. Its very competitive on acceleration and speed tracks.

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