Not enough time to choose cars in Customs

Hey all, is there any way to increase the amount of time to select a car in a custom race? It seems like it defaults to a max of 15 seconds - not really enough time to scroll through all my cars.

I can understand if it’s a matchmaking race, they kinda want to get into the next race as fast as possible. But with customs, my friends and I are sometimes chatting about this and that and don’t really want to proceed at maximum speed to the next race. Or we might decide we all want to race the exact same car, and it takes a little while to decide which one. The host selects the event and then we’re like, “Okay, what kind of course is this, so we can choose the best car?” BAM! TOO LATE YOU RACE NOW.

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Yeah, tell us about it. It’s a frontrunner in this thread.

In Online Road Trip the timer has actually been increased in a past update from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.

If you’re in Custom Lobbies - which I assume you mean Private Free Roam from the description you gave - some can be solved by prior consideration. If you all want to drive the same car, make sure you’re all in the same car before the Leader starts the race.

In Private Road trip the timer is also 30 seconds and you are forced to keep up the pace and pick the cars quickly between road trips.

In Free Roam, especially private free roam, make sure everyone communicates before starting a race. Also, remember you can sort your cars and filter your cars. Both are a little different. I find the easiest sort to be Manufacturer. Press X, then A and all your cars are sorted by Maker. Then use the bumpers to jump between makers and the thumbstick to slide between individual cars. You can also sort (X button) by class. Filter (Y button) lets you separate cars into championship groups or drive type.

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Loading delays can exacerbate the problem. Half the time the car menu appears, but doesn’t show the cars- just empty grey boxes.

By the time the game decides to display them, and I can see what I’m choosing, I’m just about out of time.


Same thing happens to me a lot. Empty boxes waiting to load the pictures. It seems as if Turn 10 didn’t think this through and hopefully they will fix it.

Because of this we all need to learn our garage very well, me myself make every car i upgrade n tune to X99 Pi (example a-class to 799). When i tried it alot online and i feel its a really good car i put it up to 800, this way you will know only good cars appear when sorting them by class. And if u feel like goofing around you just scroll past them to 799, one point doesnt really matter. As for you i recommend just what ppidrive said, make yourselves ready before Starting the event. And for the grey boxes, u can still read make, model, Pi at top (and stats if u have several of same)

If I have vehicles of the same make and model they tend to all be in different classes with very few exceptions. Unless I’m experimenting or just hanging out and don’t care, I know what cars I want based on the location and race icons that appear for the road trip and can choose accordingly even if the picture is missing. If I can read that it’s a Subaru 22B for that class, I’m good.

Again, as far as Free Roam goes, there’s rarely a reason to be in the wrong car. Either you are starting a race so make sure you’re in the car you want to be in before you start it, your buddy is starting a race and if you communicate you should be bale to pick a car in a hub before they start the race, or a random (in public free roam) started a race and you’re joining but if you don’t know what it is you do so at your own risk.

Example: (Either I am leader in Private FR or I am starting a race in Public FR)
Me: “Hey Bob, I’m going to start a circuit race in San Giovanni and I wanted to test my Transit Van.”
Bob: “No man, I thought we were going to do a race where we all ran the Supra FF in stock from.”
Me: “I guess, you ant to do that now?”
Bob: “Yeah”
Me: “Ok, jump in a stock Supra FF and let me know when you’re ready.”
—a minute passes—
Bob: “I’m ready!”
Me: “OK. Starting Race!”
—I start the race—

Example: (Your buddy is leader in Private FR or starting a race in Public FR)
Look at the example above but switch the roles of Me and Bob.