"Not enough players to start next event, returning to Horizon Live"

I keep getting this message after EVERY unranked FFA adventure since the series 8 update today and I’ve done almost 10 adventures already.

Anyone else experiencing this? I’ve only seen this once before update 8.

Oh ya, I’m on PC

Edit: if you’re experiencing this issue please reply here & then submit a support ticket here: https://support.forzamotorsport.net/hc/en-us/requests/new

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I’ve had it every time for types that don’t have freeroam rush, but it’s working okay for a cross country adventure.

Edit: Do you mean at the end of every adventure, or every race? For adventures without freeroam rush, I’ve had it at the end of every race. For a cross country adventure it happened after a few races, probably at the end of the adventure.

For me this error pops up at the end of every FFA adventure, 30s after the race is done when the lap times are shown, but before the championship points screen appears. Then it kicks me back to Horizon life and I have to queue up again which is very frustrating since 90% of the time the other players are in the middle of a race already.

Thank you for the confirmation, looks like the patch borked the horizon servers again. I’m getting this error even after dirt/country races with freeroam rush.

I tried a few games of team adventure and none of them showed this error, even with the new 3 race tarmac playlists.

I also noticed that when searching for a new FFA adventure, half the time it would say adventure found and the screen overlay initiates, but then nothing happens after the overlay disappears. I then have to queue up for FFA again and then it would work normally until the end of the last race when this error pops up again.


I was in the same FFA adventure as you today and experienced the same error - right after the second (FFR) race.

Thanks for the confirmation, are you getting this error at the end of every FFA adventure? PC or Xbox?

I reinstalled FH4 just to be safe but still getting the same error.

I tried again today and was kicked out of the FFA adventure after the second race again. I am playing on XBox.

Hmm i finally qualified for ranked adventure last night and I kept having the same issue trying to get on a ranked event. I thought it just may have been because nobody was interested in this since it’s so late in the month. I had no issues during qualifying. just when i tried to start a ranked online adventure it would say event found but than it never brought me to a new event.

Is there like a server problem? I got disconnected twice in a row in races.

Same issue. It happens at the end of every single FFA adventure and boots everyone out which is rather frustrating.

Team racing, for some reason, doesn’t seem to have this issue and that still loads up the next adventure as intended.

Thank you for the confirmation. I’m experiencing the exact same thing, get booted after every FFA adventure but team adventures work perfectly.

I thought it might be because I was finishing on the podium every race like the last disconnect bug with the servers. So I just did an experiment by finishing 4th or lower on every race in the adventure yet still got booted at the end.

If anyone else is experiencing this please post & submit a ticket so devs can fix it.

Have you tried changing your DNS Settings? What is essentially happening is the DNS servers provided by default from your Internet Provider (what happens when your DNS settings are on automatic) are not communicating quickly/reliably with the Xbox Live Services when your game is trying to execute game save information. I am going to provide information on how to manually select Google Public DNS as your DNS Service which is a DNS sevice that was released in December 3, 2009 in an effort towards “making the web faster and more secure” Google Public DNS - Wikipedia The following work around has already been posted on other areas on this forum:

I am trying to remember this off the top of my head…
On Xbox Console:
Go to the Xbox Menu → Go to Settings → Go to Network Settings → Go to Advanced Settings → Go to DNS Settings → Select Manual → Type in an 8 in each box so it reads → on the next Screen type a 1 in each box so it reads → Confirm these settings and it will give you a notice that your connection is good. I recommend re-starting your xbox and forza game. Your disconnection issues should be solved.

For PC:

Matchmaking for ranked sessions does indeed take a long time, it is quickest in FFA because it doesn’t require 12/12 to accept the session alert (typically 0-5 minutes). Team Racing is next because it has a large player base, but still requires a 12/12 successful session alert (typically 0 - 10 minutes). Playground Games is the slowest because it has the smallest player base and requires the 12/12 session acceptance (anywhere from 0 - 60 minutes) . There are also issues that arise when convoys are searching and the system can’t mathematically create even 6 vs 6 teams with the available players searching for a lobby. If matchmaking is taking an extraordinary long time >10 minutes you should load a new horizon life session and start your matchmaking search again. If you notice there are a limited number of people in your current Horizon Life Session (less than 50 is what I use as a rule of thumb) it is a good indication that your current session has corrupted your ability to successfully matchmake into a game (this is especially applicable to convoys searching for sessions). There are a lot of tricks to finding a successful match when you are in a convoy, but when you are solo it is pretty straight forward to find a ranked lobby on your own.

Also in ranked it will never continue on into a new event like unranked does, you have to find an entirely new session after each completed event, which involves the wait times stated above.

My DNS settings are set to the Google Public DNS - always have been. I have been booted out of online events, usually after the second race. This has only started after the new update this week.

DNS settings have nothing to do with it, I’ve tried google’s DNS & others with the same result.

For me at least though it’s been fixed as of right now, played a few games of FFA adventure and never got booted.

I did play 1 game of ranked FFA to qualify for this season’s ladder before trying unranked FFA, maybe that somehow fixed it for me.