Not enough buttons on my wheel


First I apologize if this question has already been asked or resolved, I could not find it anywhere.

I have recently gotten into driving with a wheel and pedals on Forza Horizon 4, I have a Thrustmaster TMX and the T3PA pedals.
My problem is that I want to play manual with cluch, but I don’t have enough buttons on my setup : all my buttons are assigned to mandatory functions, and particularly, the clutch pedal is assigned to the function “quick chat”, which I don’t use at all.
So the function “clutch”, which is not mandatory, is not assigned with any button, and if I assign the “clutch” function to the clutch pedal, the game refuses to accept my mapping since the “quick chat” has to be assigned to a button even though I never use it.

I would like to do the following : desable the “quick chat” function so that I don’t have to assign “quick chat” to a button, which would then free the clutch pedal and allow me to assign it to the “clutch function”.

However, even when I deactivate the “quick chat” in the game settings, the game still requires me to have a button assigned to that “quick chat” function. Same problem if I try with the Anna function…
Why is that? Is there a way to avoid this ?

If not, does anyone think of a solution that I didn’t think of?

Thank you in advance!