Not being able to create private lobbies in Latin America

I’ve been a fan of the Forza franchise a long time. I started playing Forza 2 in xbox 360. Since Forza 6 i have been part of a team (Monster Racing Team) and we have played several leagues with teams that are well known in the world scene, such as RBM, FRF and others.
Since the launch of Forza 7 we have not been able to create private lobbies here in Brazil and it seems that other Latin American countries are also experiencing this problem. This has severely damaged our community as we have failed to create our private races and public lobbies are unplayable due to the childish behavior of most gamblers and the lack of punishment in the game.
I wonder if Turn 10 is aware of this problem and if any action is being taken to resolve it.

Will what I know Private lobbies works very well for TORA and Delta Series idk whats going on with you all but I can make private lobby just fine. Also, make sure to invite someone to your hoppers first before going to private lobby cause idk why they did that but I hope they will fix that. What I know they are fixing and adding stuff now is Spectate for ESDA and YMTV for their live streams and they think the game will be fixed by next month or January let’s hope they will fix everyone.

Nick [VSR GGRacing]