Not Asking For A Refund

TL;DR version - I love FM7 right now

I pre-ordered FM7 based on my experience with FH3 (which I didn’t actually buy until after it had been fixed, as I didn’t actually know it was available). FH3 on my PC has been awesome, so as I loved FM2, FM3, and FM4 on the 360, I took the plunge.

I wasn’t sure at first, the game looked gorgeous, but the core of the game wasn’t what I remembered. I played the first few cups in career (I don’t do multi-player, mainly because I’m completely crap and just play for fun), and found the rewards to be pretty meh, and the homologation took the upgrade aspect out of the racing side, although you can race pretty much anything in the “open” races in career. I decided that I’d start doing longer races, so changed career mode to “extra long” and now main races last around an hour, and net on average a base 80k per race. Coupled with decent mods it’s easy to earn another 80k to 160k on top of that. Use FE cars in the open career races, and you get more bonuses, plus any difficulty bonuses, so I’m not missing the VIP x2 rewards that much. Did 3 races yesterday and had earned enough to buy the Pagani in the speciality dealer. Grab your Nissan GT-R FE (VIP car) and take it to Indianapolis in free play and do 50 laps on the Brickyard circuit. 45 minutes, 165k credits without mods or difficulty bonuses (110k base cr).

Does it work on my PC? 99.9% of the time, yes. It hardly crashes at all. I clocked up 14 hours straight yesterday, and it crashed once, and that was between races. I’m not bothered too much about the auction house, as I already have more cars than I can ever race. Same with leagues. There’s no point in me competing in any leagues, as I’ll probably never even scratch the top 10,000. I’ll happily sit there and drive my imaginary car around an imaginary track 30 times over, and have a sense of accomplishment when I’m done…

I’ve invested a lot of hours into this game now, and my impression is that the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Sure, there are some parts missing, but they’re not things I’m worried about. The game isn’t perfect, but it offers me enough to enjoy it. That said, I wish I hadn’t bought the ultimate edition, because I’ll probably have finished the career long before the last car pack is released. Of course we may see a class based career mode added (it’s not beyond the realms of possibility) in a future update, or additional cup series added.

The prize crates are something I wasn’t too sure of, but with the extra long races, you can make back a lot more than the 50k you pay for the most expensive mod crate on a single race. It’s not worth it for the shorter races though as they just don’t pay out enough. Oh, and I bought a few 300k crates, one of which had a Maclaren F1 GT in, so a 1.3m cr car. Worth it? Yep, and the mods in each let me make back the 300k I spent on each of them.

Overall, despite the inevitable teething problems that you get with a release, I’m actually satisfied with it on the whole. I’m still not sure of the longevity of it, given the very short career mode (compared to earlier incarnations of FM), but for me at least, the game works well enough to keep me coming back to it, and presents enough of a challenge to satisfy my racing needs, at least for now. So there we are, someone actually has something positive to say about the game. I guess the rest of it will be fixed shortly, but it works well enough for me not to be hacked off with it.


My game crashed often enough that it was rendered a basically pointless experience to even double-click on the icon, so I returned my copy. But that was me, and the amount of fun a person can only be judged from their own standpoint. I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying FM7, and hope you continue to do so. That IS why we play games, after all.

Yeah it’s weird that it varies so much, even from Xbox to Xbox. It’s getting some bad press, and justifiably so, but I thought I’d just add a positive post for a change. There don’t seem to be too mahy of them going around at the moment. I really hope the next patch fixes the game for everyone that’s stuck with it, but I imagine the patch will be HUGE when it goes live…

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I reackon we are looking at a Patch of arround 68GB or there abouts rember the next patch may very well have the New cars in for the First Car Add on Pack both may be done at the same time first week of the month.

I’d go so far as to say it varies within the same Xbox. I’ve had plenty of 6-8 hour sessions without a single hiccup and the next day I’ve had it crash to the home screen every 20min.

I’m one of ones who are having a great time. With mild reservations about the implementation of homologation, I like many of the changes. I think one thing to keep in mind is that those who are enjoying the game tend to not spend time on the forums because we are racing.

This is not to distract from those who are unable to play due to crashes and instability. I have experienced some of these issues just not anywhere near the level others are, so there frustration is completely understandable.

Hopefully T10 will have the stability issues sorted sooner rather than later so we can all settle into our grooves and set some lap times.

Ps. please return the pi based rivals

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I’ve enjoyed this series until now. I feel like T10 has departed from the original content of the Forza series in an effort to cater to the more casual gamer and for those reasons this will be the last Forza title I purchase.