Not all progress is saving

On the first day of playing Forza Horizon 4, everything was working well; however, on the second day, after launching the game, at least half of my progress had disappeared. I thought that this was a one-off so continued playing the game (from level 5 to level 15 for instance). However, the next time launching the game the same thing happened and i was set back to say around level 8 so only part of my session had saved. After this I thought that it was a internet problem, although i have been having a steady connection, so it can’t be. This issue has been going on for a few days now and i am fed up with having to do certain races 3, 4 or even 5 times because they didn’t save the first time.

I decided to reinstall the game, although the problem is still there (this is on PC).

There are no error messages appearing.

I would appreciate any ideas to what the problem may be.

what I do and have done since the beginning of fh3 is go back to the festival or a house enter and exit and wait for the little circle to stop spinning then I exit, never had a save issue

Thanks for your reply, but that’s what I have always done and still doesn’t save.

Yes Developers, The PC version of this game needs a “Save and Exit to Desktop” button.

Finally i’ve found my issue, I am having the same issues and ive done the same part of the game at least seven times now.

Good to know that someone else has this issue! Make sure to send a ticket to the Forza help page so that they can see that multiple people are experiencing this problem.