Not able to choose cars I own for multiplayer class races?

I have the F1 and I’m trying to use it the R Class race mode online and it isn’t showing up. For the record, it says I have 143 cars eligible before searching for a match and only 27 show up. Is there a way to fix this because I’d like to use some other cars as well but they are not showing up either.

I also just noticed that when I go to private match, that they all show up. Is this because there are some restrictions on the races?

Yes. When you say the F1 if you mean the McLaren or Ferrari then they have been removed and put into their own lobby.

Ok that makes sense because I went on and did the 1970s grand prix and it showed up. Thanks

If you quit multiplayer, get into the car, load the tune that matches the lobby’s class, and rejoin, it may show up again. I get the same thing with several of my cars/tunes: if my Elan or '65 mini are tuned S class, I can’t see them in an A class lobby; if I reload their A tunes in single-player, I can see them in the A-class lobby.