Not able to access DLC cars

I’m not able to access my DLC cars. I purchased the ultimate edition prior to release and haven’t had an issue with it till now. I also purchased the Porsche expansion and can’t access those either, it’s wanting me to purchase them again. Any thoughts of what happened?


I am also having similar issue…

When I go to my cars, I can see must of my tuned/painted cars with the DLC text top right like I would have never got them before. If I click on them it shows a market place error and I can not use them!

Is there any help from FMS6 admin around that can help? I’ve tried to turn off xbox one, sign-off sign-in nothing. I can see all my DLC purchases as installed.

Thanks for any help.

Hello All,

Just as an update for Turn 10, hopefully they check on this, I confirmed that my issue is with the 10th Anniversary DLC only, every time I want to use them it shows an error message about an error in the Market Place. My son loved to use some of those cars, so I had to buy them again and upgrade them similar to the team Forza specs, but still I feel like this should be fixed , they came for Free as part of my VIP purchase so hopefully Turn 10 can do something about it.

I am having the Same issue with the 10th Anniversary Package. I Can See the Cars as usual in my garage but Can Not access them. It just Shows Marketplace Error.

Would appreciate any Reaction.

I am having the same problem with my dlcs , as well as my tokens just missing… tried to contact support but no help… where are the admins?

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I am having the same exact issue

I too have that problem it seems but only with some car dlc packs. I purchased the top gear pack this morning but although it says in the ingame marketplace tab that I already own the content the car is not in my garage or is it free to buy. I have done all the usual things like restarting console etc but still no joy.

–Same problem!!! I’ve Uninstalled, reinstalled, reset & unplugged console etc etc

EXTREMELY Frustrating!!!

I had debated buying the Pack for a few months due to the rediculously high price…finally decided to buy it & got screwed!


You’ll still get it no doubt but it will be well into next week. Very disappointing I know but that’s what you get with turn 10 these days.

Can I ask how u found out that this bug might be fixed sometime this or next week? Just curious

In the meantime…

I did another uninstall then full unplug & reset last night & same results,

No First Free Cars Top Gear DLC

I am just going on past experiences with Forza games plus I think this bug is a result of them trying to send that Lambo to FM6 players as well.

No DLC cars asking me to purchase the car when i select it. Sort it out T10 its one thing after another at the moment, kicked out of multiplayer lobbies, floating cars.

That’s really weird…
I mean they dont know about that problem??

Having same issue just purchased last night. Ultimate Edition

I am having the same issue. My cars that I bought in car-packs are showing DLC in my garage, when I try to get in, it says “Marketplace Error: This is exclusive content and cannot be purchased at this time”. I’ve tried signing out, I’ve tried hard reboot of the Xbox, nothing changes.

It was doing the same for me last night all I had to do to fix it was go to the Xbox store and reinstall all the DLC as it was saying owned but not installed. After that everything was fine.

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I did that as well but the cars still didn’t appear for me. I am glad someone else mentioned this as I had thought at first I hadn’t installed the dlc in the first place.

Espially the 10th Anniversary Pack Can Not Be purchased in the Store Front.

I just purchased the VIP package and It showed it is downloaded and installed,however I do not see the cars included in the VIP package in the “free” section of the shop for new car area. In addition I found all of my tokens are suddenly missing. What the heck is going on? Anybody have a solution?

You won’t see a solution till next week. They don’t work weekends at Turn 10.

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