(Not a Wishlist) If you could add one track from FM4 to FM7 as Free DLC, what would it be?

Since FM5 and FM6 later added a track or two as DLC, some for free some not, I’d like you to let me know which track from FM4 you would personally add to FM7 as a free DLC if you could.
This has to be a track that was last seen in FM4.

So for me, i’d bring back Sedona. I love the environment for one, with the grand red rock/canyon area. I also like the track layout itself, especially on the full circuit with the oval and the rest of the track connected to it, not to mention the drag strip.

Subsets of wishlists are still wishlists. First this thread, then “(Not a wishlist) - If you could add one track from NASCAR…” and so on with every variation, which is why there’s one wishlist thread.
If the asset isn’t in this game now, and you’d like to see it in the game, please use the Tracks wishlist.