Northbound Danger Sign

Hey, not sure if it’s just me but after trying about 20 different cars, I’m having a hard time getting any closer than 20M from seasonal objective. Anyone beat it? If so, what car? Thanks :slight_smile:

P.s. if anyone else is having a hard time with this, u can add to this below :slight_smile:

Already been discussed in ManteoMax’s weekly thread a few posts down…

Try Quadro40k’s solution.



Thanks. Couldn’t see another post about this. I always try and look but if I can’t find it,and I won’t spend hours looking, I’ll post lol

No probs. ManteoMax starts a thread each week dedicated to the upcoming Seasonal Challenges/Rewards etc, you’ll find helpful hints on which cars and Tunes to use…… in amongst the usual moans and gripes :wink:

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Ahhhh Gotcha! I’ll look there from now on :slight_smile: btw it worked. I used the same car and tune as the guy who posted that video. Got it on my 5th attempt after watching that video. If anyone else is having issues with this danger sign, watch that video ^^^^. It helps A LOT! lol thanks again :slight_smile: