North City Circuit - Surfers Paradise - Rivals glitch/hack? Or is it just skill?

Hey everyone. I am pretty obsessed with racing rivals on the North City Circuit track in Surfers Paradise. I have noticed in a few classes (Dodge Hemi in B class, BMW M4 in A class etc) that the top times are done by (it seems) stock cars. Is this some sort of hack? If any of you have a chance to check it out, can you let me know? Cheers.

Hey Illusion! I Check the rankings from the north City circuit!
The guy on First place in D Class… He did a 58sec.lap time in a holden whit D100 Stock! No way! Not possible! There must be a Bug in the game or He use a hack or something! Same whit the number 1 and number 2 in C Class and the Stock charger daytonas! That thing needs 100mph and have a top end 141mph! Its not possible whitout a hack to Hit the number one spot!
Same problem is on tracks whit long straights, Most of the top 10-20 times are done whit the Transmission glitch. Turn 10 removed the glitch but not the times!
that sucks but you cant do anything about it!
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You can do something about it, report it as suspicious behaviour. You can highlight the gamertag name and I think press Y that bring the option up to report him. I have run up against this before, I run a lot of Rivals and found one circuit in Surfers Paradise C class that the top 10 times were from Lambos and Ferraris that were S1 Stock. I reported them and I contacted Turn 10 and those times were removed. On Rivals, especially lower class, you can tell who is hacking and using cheats. If you run a C class 1 minute course and the nr 1 guy is 25 secs in front more than likely he is hacking. Don’t know if Turn 10 will do anything since 7 is out but it might be worth a chance.

I may be mistaken, but early on in the game there was a glitch where you could upgrade your transmission, tune it, then revert to stock and be able to keep the tuned parameters. That may have something to do with it. This was a known issue, but T10 decide not to wipe the leaderboards.

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It’s STILL an issue. One of mods here said T10 would look into things but obviously didn’t. This guy here just totally given up and post glitched EB110 rank1s like it’s totally legit.
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It’s amazing nobody has yet post a video regarding this persisting glitch I may as well do it sooner or later. Need to find a way to blur the names for my downloaded glitched tunes which is still available in store.

Back to OP though. It isn’t transmission glitch in his case but it’s the other one as mentioned by PjTierney above.

Just last night I was on Youtube watching some FH3 rivals videos when I found a couple from about 4 months ago that had the transmission glitch and the Youtuber was sooooo proud of his so called accomplishment. Those of us in the know would not give him credit.

By the way Turn 10 told me it was a glitch, so take that into account.

It’s a glitch that sometimes happens because of a player switching cars in an online race. The game still “thinks” they are in the older car and will place the time of their current car on the old car’s leaderboard, with the old car’s name/PI. Nothing intentional to be seen here, and since leaderboards are largely meaningless in this game it’s not a big enough issue to warrant investigation/patching.

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This is a bug/ glitch. report the time and turn 10 should sort it out