Normal pre-race lobby instead of "Fast travelling another players" in online races

Hello, my fellow friends!

I have a question for you (i’m sure that no one except developers could answer it but i think we should discuss it):
Why FH series doesn’t have normal lobby system while everybody loading next track in Horizon Open, where we could see actual playerlist of this lobby, leaderboard, configuration of the next track, change settings, discuss previuos race with another player or look at theirs cars etc.? That’s pretty lame to wait more then 5 minutes most of the time look at your infinitly spinning car. This thing ruining all my experience of online racing FH. I understand, that loading didn’t supposed to be so slow (and the aren’t when everybody in lobby are on PCs with SSD or latest versions of consoles) BUT THEY ARE. If this problem couldn’t be fixed (because the same problem was in FH4) isn’t it right to give players some possibilities to interact while loading and make waiting not so boring?

P.S. Apologizing for my mistakes, English isn’t my first language.

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