Normal cars

it would be nice to change some things and add some normal cars with the ability to free roam and meet up. Cars like the cobalt SS, Chevy Cruze, Honda civic, cars like these that people own and would like to have in the game. Also some more things such as, being able to lower any car all the way, or neon lights, or being able to walk around like at a car meet online.

There are normal cars in the game, like Honda Civic, Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus or VW Golf
But when you want any specific cars there is a car wish list in this forum.

Neon lights have already been discussed. There is a thread for feature wishes as well as a car one, they’re stickied so people notice them.

Many of the cars you mentioned are in the game already.

Second, if I wanted to drive a Honda Civic or Ford Focus I’d go outside and drive my car or my friends car. In real life I can drive a Civic any time I please but I will probably never drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or McLaren P1 so I like that those types of cars tend to have more of a focus in the game.

I think it’s nice to have some more “baseline” cars to give some perspective on the halo cars in the game. I’m fortunate in that both my RL car (Renault Megane RS250) and many other cars I have experience with in the past are in the game as well. I missed the 250 in Horizon 1, drove the similiar Scirocco R around as a substitute but it wasn’t the same.

That said, I also agree that one of the biggest draws for me and most people coming to these kind of games is to drive cars that we could normally just dream about - the 250 GTO for instance and then do crazy things with these cars like convert them to AWD with an Enzo motor.

There is probably a balance point somewhere in between and I think the game does pretty good with providing more standard fare motoring alongside the ultra rare / exotic and one offs / concepts.

Consider that there are plenty of Hondas, STi WRXes, BRZ/86, Focuses(i?), Fiestas and other cars that fall within the general realm of affordability, the game does try to cover many bases within its spread of cars.

The plural of Focus is Foci. Apparently, the plural of Prius is now Prii, but what is the plural for Lexus? Or really, where are they in Horizon 2?

Hopefully they’re in an upcoming car pack :wink:

I think the game manages a decent balance of cars. You have the Focus and Fiesta ST’s, the STi’s, the Vauxhalls and VW’s and such that are generally very affordable, while there are also a good selection of desirable classics and modern exotics to play around with. Just my opinion, though. I’m still open to any new vehicles the PG team wants to add, whether it is (for example) a BMW i8, Aston-Martin DB4 Zagato GT, the '73 Ford Pinto, or a 1998 Dodge Neon R/T.

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OP: Let’s not make this another wishlist thread.