Nordschleife in FM5 (Thank You T10, from a Nurburgring Veteran)

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I’ve always criticized the 'Ring in video games. I’ve been racing at the Nordschleife IRL long enough to know the track in my sleep. (Posted a video from in-car of when I raced in last years 24Hour back when FM4 was around)

I’m glad that they included this wonderful track in FM5, and to see how great of a job they did to bring the track to life is delightful. I’ve heard a lot of people complaining that the track should have been launched with the game, while others completely neglect how much hard work and time went into producing this course. They must’ve spent a while bringing the track to life, because a lot of the graffiti in the game is no longer on the track, but were there a year ago, or so. They wash off from the rain and from the cars brutally stomping on the tarmac.

Although the re-creation of the 'Ring in FM5 is the best I’ve seen, there are a lot of simple and subtle things that I was disappointed to see be left out. As anyone who has spent a while around the 'Ring knows, you’ll notice the asphalt’s change in colour around the track. It goes from lighter to darker, and vice versa. Now, it’s difficult to tell in the game, mainly due to a lot of shade covering some of the darker areas (Shade is another odd thing in FM5, but I’ll get to that later.) The change in asphalt colour is a visual cue in some rather tricky braking points around the course. The downhill towards Aremberg is a very common example of this, where the asphalt brightens in colour. There are also a lot of graffiti that has also been used as visual cues for years, by me and many other drivers, that isn’t there in game, but that’s ok.
It only bugs me because my eyes are already so used to seeing these visual cues. If you don’t know that they are suppose to be there, then you don’t miss them.
Otherwise, T10 did an amazing job.

T10 calls it the Nurburgring’s debut to next-gen. I disagree. My first race around the Nordschleife was done in pouring rain. I was told on that day, that if it’s not raining, it’s not the Nurburgring.
Personally, I’m waiting for Forza 6, where hopefully they’ve been able to implement weather effects into the game. Then we’ll see the 'Ring in its true colours.

Apart from minor visual cues, and the fact that, despite the laser scanning, the track still feels extremely flat, they did a great job implementing the Nordschleife into FM5.

Thanks T10.


Well Turn 10 had to take out all the German Profanities and Questionable genitalia Graffiti

I read this earlier and it was an interesting read

How Turn 10 Rebuilt the Worlds most daunting track, Gamespot

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Haha, I wasn’t referring to the “wieners” around the track.
There are some coloured markers around some tricky corners on the circuit.
One I remember rather clearly (the headlights reflects it pretty well at night) is a green/yellow marker at the Adenauer Forst corner. Story has it that a driver who crashed there drove a car of that colour going too fast, so they painted those colours there as a visual cue for braking. Little things like that. No wieners were used as visual cues…not by me, anyway, haha.

Thanks for the link. I’ll check out that video when I have time.

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awesome track