Noodle's Fantasy Race-Versions

Hello all!

Noodle here, now on FH2 and making more of my fake, realistic, race-version car “replicas.” You all know how Porsche makes the race versions of cars and they look all extreme and have epic colors and paint jobs? Well I make fake fantasy race versions of other cars! :slight_smile:

Put about 7 hours into this first one, the Bentley Continental GT-RS. It’s been a long labor of love, but version 1.0 is finished. o.o;

If you notice any bugs or meshing problems, etc, please let me know! Otherwise, enjoy the design! It should be up for share now! <3

For reference, the custom bumper is the 2nd Bentley Sport, bumper is Bentley Sport, skirts are Bentley Street, and hood is Bentley Street.

Full-sized versions of the screenshots can be found in my gallery as well.

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Good job! I too have tried making a few paints and usually end up scrapping them after an hour or two. But 7 hours of effort? Kudos man. I wish you the best with your future designs!

Thanks so much. :slight_smile: Next up is the Vauxhall VXR. Put a ton of time into it but it’s tricky as hell. Can’t get a couple areas to match up at all! xD

Paints looking clean noodle I’m painting the Vxr aswell I think it’s glitched not 100% sure

Glitched? Nah. But it’s definitely waaaay off-centre. It’s a lot of eyeballing rather than precise measurements. Still a work in progress, as I just can’t make it look quite right…

It’s finally update time, folks!

As usual, just search for my gamertag when looking for the car design to download. :slight_smile: If you have any requests/suggestions, just let me know. I’m always open to ideas!

First up is the Vauxhall Astra VXR I’ve been working on for months off and on. Still not perfect, but I think it’s finally ready for initial release. Huge pain in the butt, this car, as most of the car’s axis don’t centre at 0. :-\ Still think it turned out pretty damn gorgeous. <3

Hope you enjoy the design, and feel free to let me know what you think!

The next car that will be released will be a simple, stylish, eye-catching paint job for one of my favourite cars ever made, the legendary Lotus Esprit. <3 Stay tuned!

Porsches in Forza? Whaaaaaat?! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a Fantasy Race paint for a Porsche now that they’re in Forza Horizon 2, right? And why not make it a free one? Head to Forza HUB and grab the free monster GT2 RS, then head to my storefront and grab my Toxic Neon paint for it! Looks best with the RX43 rims to give it that neon yellow highlight to match the brake callipers. This version is a little rough, but there will be more in the works for this particular car very soon, including a more neon, more polished version. <3 Hope you all enjoy!

Toxic Neon GT2RS

More to come soon, including the final version of this car. But hey, I figured a teaser was in order, eh? Available for download right after getting the free Porsche! Don’t forget to download it by July 24th! :smiley:

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