Noob questions

Hello. There some things that are confusing me about the game, and if somebody could help me figure that stuff out, that would be nice.

  1. There is a grey barn symbol with a question mark on it on the map. I’m there and thought I’d find a car, but even if I approach the barn nothing happens. Does grey means that it’s inactive? If so, why? And when does it become active?

  2. When I just drive a car around then I can use one of the sticks on my controller to look into any direction. When I just completed a race and watch the replay, I’d also like that freedom, but I only see those camera-presets (either the usual ones or something like spin-around, but I don’t see a free camera). Is there a free camera for replays hidden somewhere?

  3. On the map was a grey icon that said “influence board”. I went there but nothing happened. I guess again because it was grey. What are influence boards good for when they are active?

  4. So I drive to a race location, and enter the race. I then have the choice of changing my car, and in most cases I only have one or two cards eligible. But if I quit that race entirely, and join it again, then I have suddenly most of my cars to choose from. Why is that? Is the first selection just within a specific class of cards and the second one is just anyone?

  5. So I select the weekly Forzathon challenge, and it says “challenge not owned”. Why not? Do I have to buy it with actual money, or ingame currency, or do I need an expansion or something?


1 - grey means already done
2 - no
3 - grey means already collected
4 - the race cars list often adapts the car you enter it with. If you get out change car and come in again, car list may be different.
5 - I assume not progressed enough yet to access that feature ( forzathon is not DLC )

  1. You’ve already collected the barn find;

  2. Not sure as I don’t really use replay but i don’t think there is a free camera in replay;

  3. Grey icon again means you’ve already collected it. Influence gives you rewards (usually wheelspins) so helpful for acquiring cars/credits;

  4. Generally if you click on a race it will select an event suitable for the car you are driving so if, for example, it’s a car within the “hypercar” category then the event will be limited to hypercars. You can change that in the race menu either by customising the event (left side option) or changing car (right side option);

  5. I’m not sure exactly what you mean. You don’t really need to select the weekly challenge at all. You just need to get into the correct type of car - Extreme Offroad this week and then do the tasks set out in the weekly challenge.

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