Noob at painting what do yall think [WIP]

so i’m in love with the JDM scene IRL, so i decided to put a cherry tree as a focal point to paint on. this car is still being worked on, but i think it’s turning out nicely so far, i plan on making it into a drift livery in a bit.

Some more closer detailed pics would help mate, as you can’t see much from up high like this. .

just added a closer look at the car, it’s really hard to find a spot that has decent lighting that won’t glare the car up too much. the side’s and bumpers and back half of the car isn’t remotely started yet, so i’m not posting photos until i have something there to take a photo of

Really nice looking design so far! I would personally remove the red in the tree.

i haven’t decided yet, but i’m thinking about making the red really transparent and then shading the tree in patches of red and purple and other shades of pink or just various shades of pinkish-red and then making the sky a different color to make the leaves pop out more