None of my old cars after backwards compatibility

I used to have a ton of cars on the 360 and when I downloaded it on the xbox one I have none. Am I missing something.

if you mean all t he DLC, need to go into manage game where you normally find all the DLC stuff for the other games. Install all. Everything you had before should be there

There’s also a chance that your game was not saved on the cloud. That’s what happened to me.

after saying that I discovered all of my cars i bought in game are no longer there. I still have my level but progress and everything else is gone. Just achievements and level remain. What a kick in the pants wow. I think i get what you mean now… so i’m starting over even though the game thinks i am at max level… weird…

No one knows how to retrieve the garage from 369 to one?

Think you had to have cloud storage enabled on the 360 sadly. I never turned that on and am too lazy to re hook up the console at the moment.

Yeah sadly I thought it was already cloud saved just by the game. I still have access to my car club cars but not my old cars.

You need to go on your 360 and move the save file to the cloud.